Welcome to Catch Me If You Can!  This is a blog about my journey with running.  I know there are probably a million blogs about running out there, but everyone’s path is different.  Maybe you can relate to me or have some great insight to add.  Either way I look forward to running the road with you 🙂

770781_1066_0007Currently I am training for one half marathon (Plano Balloon Festival) and one half marathon plus 10k challenge (Infinity Gauntlet Challenge).  Each week my goal is to do at least 3 runs.  A “maintain” run on Tuesday and Thursday for around 35-40 minutes and Saturday for distance building or speedwork.  When I get past the Plano race in September I will add an additional run, changing Saturday to a lower mileage and Sunday to the distance run (this is in preparation for the challenge).  I tend to loosely follow the Jeff Galloway training schedule (Jeff Galloway), not so much the run walk method but how he builds up the distance and his speedwork.

Today was a maintain run.  Its been a hard summer so far with the mix of crazy heat and humidity (I live in Houston) so doing longer runs before work gets tough.  I finished 2.6 miles with a litter slower time 12min/mile.  My goal is to run the Plano half at a 2:15:00 goal time so I need to get my pace consistently to a 10min mile.  During the winter I was running at this pace so I should be able to make it, my major struggle though it with the heat 😦  I overheat really easily and cant maintain my body temperature as well so I have to be mindful of that and really listen to my body and what it needs.  Today was a “I need to get out there but I dont feel great so watch yourself.”  I run with my puppies so they are usually the ones who drag me out of bed.  They whine and bug me till I get out of bed, its a good thing and a bad thing all at the same time.


CHIME IN!!  How do you handle the heat/humidity when you run?  Do you go before the sun, after work, middle of the day (you are a crazy person!!)?!?  Let me know!

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