Saturday Speed Work

Sometimes I forget how hot it is in Houston, and then I do things like speed work and Im reminded.  Like the time I ran a 10k race at 8am and had one of my worst times ever (pic below is after 30minutes of cool down…still red faced lol)

IMG_20150620_094913This saturday I was doing 8 x 800 meter’s at 15 seconds faster than my goal pace.  To figure that out you need to know how fast/mile you want to run.  I found this handy pace calculator that helps you figure out either your estimated finish time or figure out what pace you need to reach a certain time (link here).  I want to finish my next half with a time around 2hr 15min.  Big improvement from my last race, but then again I have a stress fracture on my right foot so its all relative 🙂  With that estimated finish time i need to run around a 10minute mile so I need to run a 1/2 mile at 5 minutes (1/2 mile = 800meters).  With the Jeff Galloway training program each 800 would need to be at 4:45 to get at pace.  Got all that.  Yeah it took me a few times to wrap my head around it too.

Bright and early Saturday morning, Joe, the puppies and I went to the school track a few blocks from the house.  I love having the track so close to the house, makes it really easy to do accurate meter work.  I ran 1 lap around the track and started straight in on the 800’s.  Let me be real, they were hard.  The first three sets were at 4:41.  Yes, thats right, the first three were all the same pace even when I thought I had put extra effort into each lap. I know I know, those times are a little below pace, but I FELT like I was running way faster.  Stupid heat.  My fourth lap I was able to push a little more and did 4:28 yay!  Then the sun came up and I was only able to run 3 more sets each around 5:00.  A solid run for the summer time if I do say so myself!

I am also participating in the Hogwarts Running Club House Cup.  Its a free community that has started a friendly competition between houses to see who can rack up the most miles.  Check out the link to see how you can participate as well AND help raise money for charity! Hogwarts Running Club is awesome, check it out now.  Since I love Harry Potter, and I love helping when its something I am doing already I am totally down.

IMG_4475After the track work we went and got new running shoes!!  After I get a few runs with them I’ll write a review on them.  Spoiler alert, they are Hoka’s and Im super optimistic about them 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  Did you run this weekend?  What were you able to accomplish?


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