Running the Bayou

Yesterday I was supposed to get up at 5am and run before the sun came up but someone (*cough*, me, *cough*) couldn’t stay awake.  I really wanted to try out the new shoes so I decided to would run during lunch but a super early lunch to beat the noon sun.  I got to the gym around 10:15am and headed out on my run shortly after.

20150714_102541 (pre run)

You guys…you have no idea how long I have been looking for a pair of Texas flag running shorts.  I found some when I was at Fleet Feet to get my new shoes and had to get them!  LOVE!

20150714_105358 (mid run)

I knew it was still going to be hot and sunny so the goal was to get 3 miles in.  I had a sun visor, sunglasses, and a water bottle.  When the temps are 90+, water is a must no matter the mileage.  I ran about 1.5 miles then turned around.  Not too many people on the trail on the bayou today and there was a decent breeze which was much needed.  First time miles were pretty strong at an average pace of 10:30/mile.  I was really happy with that time seeing as once the temperature gets over 75 everything slows down.  The last mile was not at strong at 11:25/mile but I was getting pretty hot at that point with almost no shade to ward off the sun.


Terrible post run selfie, but its done!  I am going to get a few more runs in with the news shoes, but the first run I got a blister on my left foot.  Here’s hoping its an isolated thing and will get better the more I run in them.

CHIME IN!!  How are your runs going this week?  Is it easy to drag yourself out of bed in the morning or do you hit the snooze?


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