Rise and Shine!

Note to self…dont wear a cheap target sports bra on runs anymore.   Boy it was humid today, sweat pouring off of me and the sun wasnt even out!  Im getting ahead of myself 😉

20150716_052522 Im awake I swear

Step one, get out of bed.  Step two, put your running clothes on.  Step three, get your butt out there and do what you can.  The last run with the new shoes I got a blister on the side of my foot so today I wore thicker socks.  Last run in these shoes was a great run.  The store warned me it might take a few runs to get used to them.  I expected that but yesterday my legs felt fine so I thought maybe I had a magical body that didnt need any break in time.  Spoiler alert- I am not magical, I am a sad muggle 😦

Started running and man my calves and hamstrings were so tight and tired.  My feel felt good but I definitely could feel my tired muscles this morning.  Still did a solid 2.5 miles with an 11/mile average pace.  I cant figure what I hate more, the heat/sun combo or the heat/humidity combo.  It seems to be more humid in the morning than mid-day but I dont get beat down by the sun in the morning.

20150716_060405The pups were happy campers today though.  Still working on Oreo’s directional commands (left/right).  He knows “sidewalk” and “get over”.  The other two are a little harder and we dont practice it as much.  All in all a good start to this Thursday, even if it was before the crack of dawn.


CHIME IN!!!!  Silly selfies, a good thing or a bad thing?


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  1. Ashley says:

    I vote yes on silly selfies! 🙂 Great read!


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