Getting it Done!

How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty busy hanging out with friends, oh and you know, running 11 miles.  No big 🙂

Saturday was a mileage builder so the goal was to do 11 miles.  I finished just shy at 10.25 miles.  My feet were done, I think the rest of me could have kept going but my feet were so hot they were just done.  I ran in the Woodlands with my running group Red X Running.  They are really nice people who run around my pace which is good because when I want to slow down they push me to keep going.  Unfortunately everyone in the group was doing lower mileage Saturday so I only had a buddy for 4 miles.  The great thing about the Woodlands is its a very active community so there were very few parts of the trails where I was alone.  Runner and Bikers everywhere!!


What I learned from this run – I tried a new electrolyte drink powder (got it in a swag bag) and I HATE it.  It was weird and awful and a bad idea all around.  Sometimes running in the shade with not as much air flow is better than running in open air but full sun.  The Woodlands has plenty of trails but with all the plant growth the air doesn’t move as freely and can get muggy, but I will take that over the evil scorching sun.  I also now understand the beauty of a cold shower.  I am that weird person who has the shower at like 1000 degrees, but after that scalding hot run even lukewarm was too hot.  Cold shower it was and it was glorious.


Speaking of clean, after I run 6 miles or more I always do my detox soak.  I find it really helps my muscles repair and not get so sore.  I soak for 30 minutes…and when I say soak I really mean take a nap 🙂  Put on some Pandora, eat a banana and go to my happy place.  Great way to start a Saturday really.


CHIME IN!! How was your weekend?  Do anything exciting?!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley says:

    I had a relaxing weekend overall, but Sunday I joined my swolemate at his friend’s at-home gym in the garage and we killed it with some heavy weights, despite the 96 degree temp INSIDE! Ugh…A/C…I love you!


    1. whostardis says:

      I love that you have a swolemate!! LOVE YOU!!


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