On the Road Again

Another Thursday another run day.  I am around Houston taking photos today so I didnt have to get up before the sun!  Its the little things people 🙂


I hate to say this but I am really struggling getting used to these Hokas.  I have worn them on 4 runs now and am not loving them.  I am going to give them one more week and try using my compression socks next time to see if that makes a difference.  So many people swear by them, maybe Im doing it wrong lol.  I cant tell if my maintain runs have been lack-luster because of that or because I just am in a funk.  My long run last weekend wasnt too bad but I was wearing my mizunos.  The struggle is REAL!!!


Of course on a run day that means I dont feel so bad about getting a few macarons.  Spoiler alert…these sucked 😦  I usually go to Tout Suite or Sweet (they share a bakery) and those are phenomenal.  These macarons were closer to where I was at the time today and I thought I would try them out.  Flavorless, hard, bleh.  On a positive note it saved me extra calories!!!  Lol, priorities 🙂


CHIME IN!  Is your workout day an excuse to eat something you shouldn’t?  I know I have done that a time or two 🙂  TREAT YO’ SELF!


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