Butterbeer and Butterbeer Cookies (Foodie Friday)

We interrupt these running posts to bring you FOOD!  Or more specifically butterbeer cookies and butterbeer!!!!!  Its Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family so it seemed only fitting.  These recipes are in no way healthy, gluten free, sugar free or anything like they.  Just good old-fashioned delicious food that makes me happy.


Rather than copying and pasting the recipes here and being a terrible blogger, Im giving you links to there 2 amazing blogs that I have been following for years.  Bake at 350 is my go to sugar cookie recipe, I have both of her books and *bonus* she lives really close to me.  One day we will be best friends and make cookies together 🙂 Bakingdom is all things geek inspired.  I love her writing style, tutorials, and her style.  Everything I have made of hers has turned out fabulous, and she has by far the best how to make brown butter tutorial.  If she didnt live in Amsterdam I think we would be best friends too.


Enough sharing of the love, here are the recipes.  Butterbeer is here and Butterbeer cookies are here.  They should be eaten together for a truly epic sugar rush.  Or not, its your call I dont run your life.  I will say I do make the butterbeer cookies way more than the butterbeer just because I really dont drink soda so I only bust this out on special occasions.

IMG_0598 (1)

Now go accio some ingredients and get to cooking.  Oh and invite me over because I love butterbeer anything and will gladly help you finish off all you make 🙂


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