Up Before the Sun

Another Saturday another pre 6am wake-up call.  After the last track session I decided to get out a little earlier and get in as many laps as i could before the sun came up above the trees.  Today was 10 sets of 800’s at a little faster than race pace.  My goal today was to run 9 laps at 9:45 and 1 lap as cool down.

20150725_062554Joe had to work today so I had to do my own time.  I brought a towel, a visor (if the sun came out and was blinding me) and two bottles of water.  The bigger bottle is ice water for drinking the smaller clear bottle is for cooling down my body/face, you know the drill.

20150725_062613I was able to get 8 rounds in before the sun came up over the trees and was lashing me with its heat waves.  The 9th lap was a little slower than pace but for the other 8 laps I hovered between 4:41 and 4:46 per set.  Not bad since last time I did the track I could only get 4 laps at that pace.

20150725_073511My last 2 sets sucked though, partially because it was hot the other because my new shoes insoles were giving me a blister only on my left foot.  I thought maybe it was part of the breaking in process but every time I run more than 2 miles my left food gets irritated.  Im going back to the store today to ask them about the insoles to see if there is anything they can do to make it better.  I really like the shoes but no shoe is worth a blister after only 3 miles.

20150725_073456I finished at the perfect time because on my last lap about 6 more people came to the track with NO TRACK MANNERS.  Hello, if you are walking dont be in lane 1 where I am actually running, and if i say “on your left” dont move TO THE LEFT.  Ugh #runnerproblems


Luckily today was scheduled massage day.  My lady is booked way in advance so i book like 3 months in advance, its like a nice surprise when they happen 🙂  Now I feel much better and ready for the weekend.  Stay safe out there friends, its a hot one today!

CHIME IN!  Do you work out on Saturdays?  How hard is it to get out of bed on the weekends?


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