So That Happened

I have been running with a GPS run tracker water for about 2 years now.  Today was the day it happened.  I forgot to re-start my watch after I stopped for the dogs to go potty.  Half of my run was missed 😦  I was super pissed, but luckily I also use the Charity Miles app so at least I got my mileage tracked that way.  Grrr technology.  Cant you just automatically start again when you can tell Im actually moving!!


The dogs were so ready to go for a run this morning.  Oreo patiently waiting to get the leash on.  We did about 2.8 miles today to continue to test out the Hoka’s.  I got new insoles over the weekend to see if that will help the weird blister on the left side of my foot.  I think its too soon to tell but after today’s run Im optimistic we found the solution.  3 weeks with these shoes, they should be well broken in by now.  I want to take them on my long run this weekend, but waiting to see how my feet feel Thursday.


Whisp is also ready on her side of the door 🙂  Silly dogs and their routines.  It was really humid again this morning but my legs felt much better.  I started wearing my compression socks again with the new shoes and I think it really does help.  Ill have to give a full review on what compression socks I use, but today is not that day!


Run done, now time to shower off, because, seriously, sweating like a crazy person.  Super jealous of people who live in places with zero humidity and great weather year round.  Its almost enough to make me move…almost.

CHIME IN!! Do you sweat like a crazy person or no sweat at all?!


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