Dogs will be Dogs

Another day visiting hotel partners means I got to “sleep in” again for this run.  Sleep in means 6:30am but thats way better than 5am.  I was really tired today for some reason and once I started running I realized why…super tired muscles from this week’s workouts.  My legs arent really sore, just tired and need to rest.  Because of that I didnt push hard at all today.  I need these ol’ legs of mine to rest up for this weekend.  Scheduled for 13 miles this weekend, was only able to do 10.25 last long run so we’ll see what Im able to bust out.  Honestly my distance capacity really depends on how humid it is outside.  Once humidity reaches a certain point its really hard to breathe.  There really is only so long I can go without property oxygen lol!


Its probably a good thing I took today easy though because these dogs were being brats today and I was having NONE of it.  Oh they look like sweet angles now…only because they got yelled at on the run.  Oreo wouldnt come when called, Whisp kept trying to dart out in the middle of the road.  Man these two, when they are bad they are bad together.


Dogs will be dogs am I right 😉

CHIME IN!!!!  Do you run with you pet?  There are pros and cons, today was totally a con.


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  1. sauconrunner says:

    I run with my dog, you can read about him here: I don’t bring him when its too hot since they can’t sweat it out like we can.

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