I Cant Believe Im Saying This…

You guys…it was actually nice outside today.  Like, I wasnt drowning in sweat the second I got out of my car.  No hairdryer blowing in my face, but a cool breeze on my cheeks.  I dont know how I lucked out for such a nice morning since this weekend is supposed to be the hottest weekend of the year, but I am so freaking happy about it.

P6aiwWVLTH4KthsTbQ-S2alVco2myV-NQ3UmgT4MJ31e=w125-h222-noWeather as I was finished.  53% humidity might as well be zero in my book

The goal today was to run 12 miles.  My group was running 7 so most of the run was with other people which makes it go by relatively fast.  At mile 5 the group leader had a station with oranges, cold towels and water.  I have never had oranges during a run before but it was really refreshing and that pop of sugar really helps.

fksO2RxI7m539hMLoTIqIcWxFe-rKFvw0mulSC_NhUo9=w411-h730-noAfter the group went back to their cars I continued on.  I really didnt think I was going to finish the full 12.  My shoes were giving me blisters to the point I was sure there was blood in my shoes and my legs were exhausted from the shoes as well.  Full review of the Hokas coming Monday, but needless to say Im taking them back.

jyhyl-2HDA9R936rIU51hZGRlz_oZw3y0gQLKzZIeawS=w1298-h730-noNorthshore Park

On the route for my extra mileage I passed a park.  Perfect timing too I had just ran out of my water.  It was getting warmer outside and by that time I think I went through 4 1/2 of my small bottles (1/2 because I refilled back at mile 5 where there was a semi-water station).  I filled them all back up and went on my merry way…or so I thought.  So there are bathrooms at the park but I didnt stop because, well, I didnt have to go.  About a quarter mile after I left the park…yeah I had to go.  Emergency status had to go.  I was FREAKING out.  The stretch of road I was on is a private business road with a security car roaming around, so forget going in the bushes.  I was pretty sure I was about a mile away from my care and 100% sure I wasnt going to make it.  Then the heavens opened and I saw a gas station!  Right before the gas station though was a Corner Bakery (IE cleaner bathrooms).  I stopped there and now was ready to go on my merry way.  For real this time.

TlZswVC3cac6SJ8bQpLEf-7MjBG_48ezYtvi-P9AEgWJ=w411-h730-noI finished my run right at 12.02 miles.  I have to attribute most of my success to the cooler start and low humidity.  While my shoes comfortable to start, they were giving me blisters that I could feel with every step and my legs have never hurt so much on a run since I ran in Nike’s that were 2 sizes too small.  I had to walk more than I wanted to because of that but was still able to get an overall pace of 12min/mile.  Not bad at all considering its summer.

IWt9tm0tgrn-BRnwmiUwiiTGCaGmtXgm8T2DGSik8ST4=w411-h730-noBefore YE05fAyDQZdRaxeeapIEWihRHp07g5V23PR8ir4qKCcK=w411-h730-no DuringtTyNtG-b5HBDKhOP1phi_yWvZb67MyPFKq2ziuqYm_Ay=w411-h730-noAfter

When I got home the lactic acid build up was so bad I had to grab some pickle juice.  I havent had to do this in a really long time, you almost forget how sour it is.  It really does help though, again science why it works.  All I care about it making the horrible pain up both of up legs go away, Ill do just about anything.  A lot of runners swear by this too, I didnt just make this up 🙂  Of course there was also massive amounts of stretching, the detox bath again and breakfast 🙂

nh5oRYLIiLmmJFES2xYnJwaoqcJ0ww0sj6LJfIEro2CY=w411-h730-noJoe made his migas which is the perfect refuel after a really long run.  Ill post the recipe Friday.

CHIME IN!  What did you have for breakfast today?!  I love breakfast food, but which is better breakfast or brunch?!


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  1. I’ve never tried oranges during a run before, but they sound very refreshing!

    Breakfast, brunch… it doesn’t matter! Breakfast is acceptable at any time of day.

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