Hoka Clifton Two Review

What you all have been waiting for…the Hoka show review!!!!

I decided to try out the Hoka’s because so many other runners out there have them and love them.  Even my husband has a pair and says they are fantastic.  I got the Clifton Two’s based on the store’s suggestion.  I have in the past run in the Mizuno Wave Rider 18 and Adidas Energy Boost and loved both.  The problem with the Adidas was I wear them out pretty fast which hurts my knees.  The Mizuno’s are a little heaver and loud when I run.  Allegedly the Hoka’s would be better on all fronts so hey lets give them a shot.  The store has a 60 days exchange policy so worst comes to worse I can exchange them for a pair I know works.

First run in them I literally felt like I was running on clouds.  They were light, quiet and really cushy.  I really loved them.  After 2 miles though my left foot started bothering me.  I thought maybe there was a piece of plastic or something in the shoe that was rubbing my foot and kept going.  When I got back to the gym I didnt find anything and thought nothing of it.

Subsequent runs and the track work I did proved to not have the same experience as the first run at all.  My legs were heavy (running in new shoes will do that though especially if you are changing the way you run which is the case with these shoes) but I gave that a pass.  The irritation on my left foot would always come back after 2 miles, but I decided to try new insoles and maybe that would solve the problem.


New insoles and a 12 mile run later…these babies are going back.  While the shoes are cushy and quiet I cant get past the blister on my foot.  After 7 miles I had a blister on the right foot as well.  The side of the foot, not in a normal runner blister spot.  On the longer run I did double socks, second skin blister prevention stuff and new insoles.  All of that, and still came home with blisters.  Not only were the blisters a deal breaker but I have never had lactic acid pain as bad as I did on Saturday.  Im talking mile 9 my legs were about to kill me.  Since Im training for longer distances this really wasnt going to fly.


Pickle juice to the rescue.  I really really wanted to like these shoes, and the first run I was totally in love.  As time went on though, I found they just werent for me.  Im going back to the store this weekend so see about a different shoe.  Heck I might try a different Hoka but I know for sure these are not going to work 😦  Im super bummed about it actually because I know the design of the shoe long term will help my running gait.  Blisters and leg pain just arent worth it though.

**UPDATE**I actually decided to keep these shoes after some experimenting and found that gauze sometimes works.  I also just changed the way I lace my shoes (for high arches) and that as helped as well.  I have ran 2 half marathons in them with zero knee pain so Im glad I kept them.  I dont run in them as much anymore but they are in the rotation since they arent quite dead yet.

CHIME IN!!  Have you ever wanted something to work so bad but it just didnt?

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