Sworkit Review

Still waiting for my blisters to go away, which worked out perfectly for me to try a new workout app.  I dont know if yall have heard of it but its called Swortit.  Its a pretty cool app that has workouts for you.


You decided if you want strength, cardio, yoga or stretching.  I only tried the strength workouts so the rest is based on using that setting.


Once you pick strength then you choose the area of the body you want to focus on.  Upper body, lower body, total body, or core.  I tried core and lower body.  After you choose the area of focus then you choose how long you want to work out for.  I chose 20 minutes, but you can do as little as 5.  All the exercises that came through had no equipment required.


This is really important for me since I plan on using this app while traveling and only have a hotel room at my disposal.  I had enough room in a standard American size (about 300sq ft) hotel room to do all the exercises.  I did skip a few because they were high impact and I was on a upper floor.  I wanted to be considerate of other hotel guests and not be pounding the ground.  Im nice like that 🙂

Both core and lower body and some pretty decent exercises.  I feel a little sore actually from both which I was surprised at.  All the exercises I was able to understand how to do based on the demonstrations provided.  The only drawback to these apps is you dont know for sure if your form is right.  I am pretty notorious for having bad form and need correction, but in the grand scheme of things thats not really a negative for the app.


The app itself does not have music but does sync with Spotify for workout playlists.  I have Pandora so I have been using that but dont love the workout stations.  I am thinking about switching to Spotify to get a better workout playlist.  Music is really important to keep me motivated so the right playlist is critical.

Overall I really like this app.  Its a great option for working out while traveling.  Not all hotel gyms are created equal so its nice to have another option besides the less than stellar gym conditions.  If I travel more I might consider switching to pro to customize the workouts more, but for right now the lite version is perfect.  Give it a try on your next tip and see what you think!  Another link here

CHIME IN!  How do you workout when you travel?  Love the hotel gym or just skip it?


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