Humidity You are a Cruel Mistress

Im back from Phoenix and ready to continue the training.

SRNuHBE6qUK8ySk2VUOTENkEWE-ZO0wWyCmcGV46KoCb=w411-h730-noLo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles in the airport.  It was AMAZING!!

Funny now a few days in a drier climate will affect you.  The humidity, plus blisters, plus not running in a week did a number on me.  The goal for this Saturday was to do 12 x 800’s.  I did 7 😦

xCYgS1sqDreog29vMS950Chwz1-tR0wFJK7DU5-beqAW=w1298-h730-noAs you may remember I decided to take back the Hoka’s and stick with the Mizuno’s.  I didnt have time to take the shoes back last weekend which turns out is probably a good thing.  I ran the track with the Mizuno’s and could instantly feel a difference.  My feet felt like they were hitting the ground directly with more impact and my feet got super hot super fast.  Strange thing about the Mizuno’s my feet always get really hot.  Now thats not a problem in the winter time when everything is freezing, but during the summer its like walking on hot coals.  Its really weird, I dont know why it happens but its super annoying.  The Hokas do not have this problem at all.  Which, over everything negative from my long run in them, that was the shining positive.  My feet werent hot at all.  Needless to say my track times werent stellar but not bad.  My fastest lap was 4:37 and the slowest was 5:03.  Im happy I kept the Hoka’s now.  Im going to give them another chance with better socks, blister protection on both feet (and it will help I will be in LA for cooler weather 🙂 )

zZPjWoUDIcRQ3pP_QlKSmP036UWi1-VzchzFa1ncErXn=w411-h730-noI actually tried something different this time.  Rather than running 2 laps (800 meters) I ran 4 laps (1600/1mile) and had Joe write down the times for each 2 lap set.  I thought I would try this since running a race you typically sustain race pace longer than just 5 minutes.  It went pretty well until travel, different shoes, humidity, blisters caught up with me and I had to stop.  I think Ill try this technique again next track session.  I liked the how I felt like I was pushing a little harder than just running 1 set and it also made the laps going that much faster.  Running 12 sets seems like it will take forever, but 6 didnt seem so bad.

Moral of the story here is…running is hard.  Seems like it has been more difficult that it should be but I keep reminding myself this is the first “hard core” training I am doing during the summer and its a pretty freaking hot summer.  If you are struggling with running right now too just keep telling yourself this season will pass.  Who else is looking forward to cooler weather!!!

CHIME IN!!  How are you keeping yourself on track?  Got any cool trips/tricks to share?!


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  1. Kevin says:

    I am glad my hot and humid days in Calgary are not even close to yours, even though some days I am still looking forward to cooler weather. Stay cool out there.

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  2. I don’t have many tips for staying cool in the heat- except maybe wetting your hair before you head out. I lived in Colombia for a bit and the humidity was horrific! Even though I wasn’t running, I would often stick my head under the cold tap in order to be able to get to sleep at night!

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