My Disney Life

I sat down to write this post mainly to say Im traveling to Disneyland this week for the D23 Convention and to illustrate how much I love Disney.  I was looking through my google drive at all my Disney photos and OMG the memories.  A vast majority of my really happy memories are Disney related.  I had to share some, ok a lot, of them because its my life I love it and wouldnt change it.  There are a lot of pictures ***YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED***

1 DSC04600                IMG_420603923114103 n5105382_38384406_7653

Taking silly pictures with friends, because its fun!3

Rocking the ole pose with Donald, because its fun

2006_0307amy and me2 Getting face paint and matching shirts because its fun, and slightly hilarious

2006_0707Image0026Having your boyfriend visit and taking a picture with the no gone magic wand.

Graduating from the College Program, which felt really hard and didnt seem fun at the time but looking back was an awesome experience and totally worth all of it.

2006_0809Image0017 Meeting your doppelganger who just happens to be Sleeping Beauty!!

2006_0810Image0012The only time I have ever seen this amazing woman was on my college program
2006_0810Image0034 That time Pluto thought my shirt was hilarious, and it totally was


DSC03466Having awesome friends that will wear silly tye-dye shirts to Disney with you to celebrate your wedding weekend.

                               770944_1017_0029 IMG_0755IMG_0751

Of course running, did you think I wasnt going to mention running!

20140504_143551Doing some of THE BEST scare work with the help of some friends at Flower and Garden Festival

20140722_162706Spending out 5 year anniversary at the place where the marriage began                      20150525_135336  DSC_0763scan0004

Being a total nerd and going on our first ever cruise…on a Disney Vacation Club Member Cruise…TO ALASKA!!!

CJs Visit! 126

Working the front desk of Saratoga Spring Resort with some really awesome fellow College Programmers 🙂
              DSC01531 2006_0625Image0023DSCN0025

Spending time with the family

            DSC03662  DSC03779

Doing some pretty fun things on the honeymoon, like getting in a pool with dolphins!

Donald getting embarrassed with our honeymoon kissing 🙂


Roller coaster selfies without a selfie stick.  We are fancy like that


First D23 experience and getting to meet the voice of MICKEY!!!


Trying to pull the sword from the stone, but apparently I am not the chosen one


Wishing I could go to the DreamSuite at Disneyland

DSC06191Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

 IMG_4647  Food and Wine Festival                

IMG_1950Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights IMG_20131102_184604Party for the senses Wine View Lounge

Doing every party, festival, and event you can imagine.

DSC06508   Photo0026FourBySix

Spending Christmas Day at the most magical place on earth

Getting to witness our friends getting married, with some very special guests 🙂

IMG_0872 IMG_0865IMG_0878

Second D23 was all about the perks of the Sorcerer package and getting to meet some pretty amazing celebrities/artists

       Photo0346FourBySix Photo0349FourBySix

Meeting one of the best Gaston’s I’ve ever seen.  Flynn showing us a tiara I was thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to stealing then getting the smolder 🙂

pic169  Untitled-Scanned-89

Oh yeah, and we got married in the most magical place on earth.  It was a pretty awesome day.

All of that to say Im going to Disneyland this week and Im pretty stoked about it.  If you didnt know Disneyland is celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and the castle is decked out in diamonds and Im pretty excited to see it.  The convention is set to be more epic than ever and with the “recent” acquisition of Marvel and Star Wars I expect to see some pretty amazing sneak peaks.  I cant wait to share my experience this year with you.  If you arent a fan of Disney feel free to skip it I wont get my feelings hurt 🙂

CHIME IN!!  Are you a Disney fan too or do you think Im totally crazy (dont worry my family thinks the latter) 🙂


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