No excuses!

Hello from California Adventure park!   I’m resting my feet and decided to post my Thursday run!  I’m doing this from my phone so please excuse typos


Today was a maintenance run and fortunately for my the hotel we are staying at has a free gym with pretty good equipment.   The treadmill was life fitness and had this really cool feature where the screen will display a trail like your running through it.   I ran through new Zealand it was pretty cool20150813_075524

It was a great run averaged about a9:40 mile did 3.5 miles and felt great.   As of right now I’ve walked an additional 6 miles 🙂  D23 expo preview was today and park time after,  no rest for the weary!

Gotta keep up the work no matter what!

Chime in!  Do you keep up with your training on vacation or blow it off?


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  1. Ashley says:

    You know my answer already. I wish hotel gyms considered having more than cardio equipment. It’s great for runners or to get HIIT in, but weights are key for me. :-/


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