Running in Anaheim

I am back from Anaheim and getting back into the blog swing.  Starting out by posting about my Saturday run.  Its getting closer and closer to race day, I cant really slack off.  This weekend on slate was 14 miles.  I was actually pretty excited about it because Anaheim is a drier climate than Houston and tends to be cooler in the morning.

20150816_054112I left the hotel at 5:30am.  I know, 5:30am…on a Saturday…on vacation!!!  I know how busy the sidewalks get in the area and wanted to take advantage of the cooler weather before the sun comes up.

20150816_055315I got down to Disneyland so early they hadn’t taken the barricades down yet.  I didn’t get to take my selfie in front of the main gates, but that’s ok.  I did get to take this one though…

20150816_055630This was the beginning of the run but it was nice to stop for a second and shake the feet out.  They were strangely cramping but after the stop and shake it was smooth sailing.

20150816_055639My happy place, even in the morning on a long run.  I ended up only doing 10 miles mainly because when i was running the roads had some sketchy people walking them and i didnt feel 100% comfortable.  While I could have run the extra 4, my safety is way more important than a distance goal.  I did take my self defense tool with me but sometimes its just better safe than sorry.

Overall it was a good run, the Hokas actually did better for me this time than last time.  I still get the weird blisters on the side of my foot but Im working through that.

CHIME IN!  Take any good trips lately?  I’d love to hear about it!!


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