I was going to do a D23 recap plus WIWW post, but that was way too much information.  Recap post to come later on what I did when I was in Anaheim…spoiler alert, I had tons of fun 🙂

Since I just got back from vacation I didnt feel like being super dressy today.  Total honesty, I didnt realize it was Wednesday until I was half way to the bus park and ride, so this selfie comes to you straight from the gym!


Shirt:shirt campaign (campaign is over)

Jeans: Express

Shoes: Target (similar)

I didnt mean to write a semi-serious post today, but since my shirt represents a serious cause I have to take the time to explain.

I love the show Supernatural, the actors are fantastic and the show is “not-real” enough to not give me nightmares but real enough that you care about whats going on.  At least to me anyway.  The actor on the shirt is Jared Padalecki who plays Sam on the show.  Recently he did a shirt campaign to support mental health awareness (has done 3 so far).  Its a long story on why he chose this cause to support and Im really not the right person to tell it but mental health awareness has always been something I feel strongly about supporting.  Everyone knows someone or is personally affected by mental health issues whether it be depression or something much stronger.  For me the story of Robin Williams was so shocking it still makes me sad to this day.  I dont always know how to support causes so when I saw this shirt campaign I jumped on board.  I also love how the slogan is “Always Keep Fighting” because you can take that not just for depression but a lot of different things.  If you are struggling in any way its a great message of perseverance, which we all need to be reminded of at times.

If you or someone you know suffers from depression or some kind of mental health issue get help.  If you need a great site to follow check out Jenny Lawson/The Bloggess.  She is hilarious and suffers from at times debilitating depression and is a great story of the message on my shirt “Always Keep Fighting”.

Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

National Alliance of Mental Health Issues

To Write Love on Her Arms

Because this was a little heavy, here is a cute picture of the puppies 🙂DSC_0010

CHIME IN!!  What is your favorite cause/charity/group to support.  Leave a link and get the word out!!!


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  1. My favourite cause to support here in the UK is Mind, which is a mental health charity. Still so much stigma around mental health! I feel like it’s gradually improving (it’s more accepted now to have problems such as depression, anxiety etc) but there’s still a long way to go- such a stigma still around more “complex” illnesses like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It’s all about doing what you can! And that tee is great. 🙂

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