Its Almost Fall Yall!!!

I was so tired this morning I almost thought about not running.  Then I let Oreo out to potty and OMG cool weather!!!


Yes that is 91% humidity, but oddly enough when its cooler I dont really mind it as much.  We had a great run with about a 10:30min/mile pace.  I felt great and am so happy I did the run.  I have my second presentation today and its larger than yesterdays.  Getting that boost of early morning endorphins was totally what this ol’ body needed!!

20150827_060932 20150827_060937

The puppies had a great time too but totally ready to go inside 🙂  I am so ready for fall to be here full time, its so silly what 10 degrees in the morning does for you run.  Hopefully my September race will be in the same temperature range, that will make for a great race!

CHIME IN!!  How is the weather near you, should I come visit and get a break from the heat 😉


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  1. Luckily we never really had more than a week of hot weather (typical England!) but I much prefer running in slightly cooler temperatures 🙂


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