Its BACK!!!!!

Yall…Its September 1st…which means yesterday was August 31st…which means BLUEBELL IS BACK!!!!!  If you arent a southerner you may not know about Bluebell and my heart goes out to you.  It is the best ice cream in the USA (I cant say the world, Italy Im looking at you) and due to some issues in the past has been off the shelves for a while.  While there are only 2 flavors out right now, I dont even care I am just so happy to have my homemade vanilla back!!!!


But now…running.  Today is Tuesday which means today was a maintain run.  I woke up wishing it was a Saturday so my mind was definitely not in a running mood today.  The humidity was off the chain this morning so breathing was going to be rough.  I sucked it up though and went out.  Surprisingly it was a decent run.  Averaged about a 10:30/mile (which seems to be the summer norm for me now) and had to stop to check out this awesome sunrise.


I love when there is a mix of dark and light.  Its like life really and I always enjoy seeing it in nature.  Of course the doggies took this time to check out the smells.  They are so cute together.


I ran about an hour later than normal since I am in The Woodlands today visiting my market (for my job).  I decided if I run this late again I am going to have to find a new route.  This one road I have been running on for a while now has just recently been opened up to thru traffic making it pretty dangerous to cross the street.  People really just dont pay attention…I was going to say in the morning but its pretty much all the time.  I care if I get hit by a car but I care much more if the puppies get hit.  They are smaller and will get hurt much worse than me.  I cant have that.  Gotta start planning my new route.  Im terrible at winging it, Im too OCD for that 😛


Sometimes Oreo needs a little extra lovings, which I didnt mind giving.  That dog, he is crazy and needy and pretty much all the things I am.  We are peanut butter and jelly.

20150901_085335 20150901_085344

Since I had some time I made my go-to breakfast sandwich.  Egg whites, maple turkey sausage, light wheat english muffin and weight watchers american cheese.  Very filling and less than 220 calories.  When I have about 10 minutes in the morning extra I will make this on a running day.  My metabolism really gets going if I run in the morning, more so than if I workout at lunch.  That extra breakfast fuel will keep me feeling satisfied until around 10am.


Nothing quite like coming home to mini-christmas!!!  Dog food, new suitcases and supplies for a party.  FYI…if you use Nutro Ultra for dogs, Amazon has consistently been $10 cheaper than the pet stores.  Since I am a prime member I get free 2 day shipping.  So heck yes I will be saving those $10.  That adds up when you buy dog food every other month.  Im stoked about the new luggage!  All 3 of the pieces from my old set bit the dust after our trip to Alaska.  Granted it wasnt the nicest set and it was 3 years old but it was a really pretty green and I loved it.  Oh well, the new set is Samsonite in teal and is much lighter than the previous set.  Nothing gets you ready to travel more than new luggage!  Cant wait to take these out on the road!!!

CHIME IN!!!  What are you excited about today?


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  1. Oreo looks amazing! I personally am excited to meet my family’s new puppy this weekend. He’s called Shadow and he’s a chocolate lab. So excited!

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