Happy Wednesday everyone!  The traffic was OUT OF CONTROL today and I almost just turned around and went back home to work from home.  Luckily I just caught the bus and made it into work.  What normally takes about an hour took 2 hours.  Good thing I am going to the gym today to work off all that stress!!!

Today is the day of polka dots!  If you didnt get the memo thats ok I am wearing enough for everyone.  Also finally figured out the self timer on my phone.  Selfies are hard, self timer is better.


Dress: ModCloth (this color is gone but same style is available)

Tights: Express (nothing similar anymore)

Shoes: Amazon

Necklace: Jewels by Kris

I also realized that this weekend is a 3 day weekend!!!!!  Im taking Friday off so its going to be a 4 day weekend!!!  AND I NEED IT 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  Did you wear polka dots today?  No, thats ok whats your favorite pattern?


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