I dont know what to do with my hand

Thats all I can think of for a title today, so a little random Talladega Nights quote for you.

Today’s run is brought to you by 97% humidity, reduced visability and all around ickyness.  I only ran 1.5 miles today because EVERYTHING HURTS.  My Wednesday group fitness class has been kicking my butt (which is good) and makes Thursday runs hard.  If I didnt have 14miles on tap for this weekend I would have pushed through but since I have yet to run over 13 I really need to get this weekend run in all the way to be on pace for my race.  Plus my feet cramps would not go away this morning and my knee started being stupid.


I dont know if you can tell from that picture how foggy it was, but yeah no bueno.  And that is after I was done with the run.  Pace was really slow today I did a lot of walking just to get moving and wake the muscles up.  Plus yesterday was a stressful day and I was just having NONE of it.  I am so tempted to get a gigantic truck and crush all the small cars and not deal with this stupid traffic anymore.  (Insert inappropriate rant here).  Ok done.


Just a dog and his bowl.  He knows to stay hydrated!  Dont forget to drink H2O yall!  You know its funny, all the water in the air you would think your body would suck it up and need less water, but alas that is not the case.


The puppies actually held still next to each other this morning.  Such wiggle worms when we get back from a run.  They would have been happy to have kept going Im sure.  They sure do keep me accountable.  Today Oreo kept looking back at me like “mom, why are we not running, come on I want to RUN!”.  Yes I imagine what my dogs are thinking, dont you?

CHIME IN!!!  How is your week going?  Anything fun planned for the long weekend?


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