Now Im Officially Ready

This whole training season I had yet to really get over 13 miles.  For my mental state I want to get over 13.1 miles in before the actual half marathon just so I know for sure my body can handle it.  I know its silly, Ive already done quite a few halfs already but this will be the first post stress-fracture.  Today was a little rough with the temps above 80 degress again with over 90% humidity it was rough.


You guys…my hands were so swollen it was verging on ridiculous!  Its ok though this is at mile 12.5 so I was almost done.  Today I ran with my running group.  Saturdays we meet at 6am and run a route set by the group leader.  Luckily the group leader runs a smidge faster than my pace so I keep up with him to push my pace and keep me going at the same time.  I dont know how I ran all those miles by myself in the past, going with a group makes it feel like the time is passing faster.  When talking over 1 1/2 hours this really makes a difference.  They group was only running 10 miles today so the last 3.5 I was by myself.  I think this actually worked out because it broke the run into a 10 mile run then a close to 4 mile run.  With walk breaks my time was 2:45:20.  Not bad since the last 3 miles were pretty dang rough.

20150905_085411The route today had a few “hill” so my legs were more tired than usual and I may have accidentally (on purpose) opened a blister yesterday on my foot that was none too happy with the running.  Ok by hill I mean ramps up and down bridges and some inclines.  Since my normal home route is almost completely flat this was a little challenging.  I know Im being a total baby, this just means I really need to add some hill training into my workouts.  Something I have completely neglected but should add in to be well rounded.


Another perk of my running club…water stops!!!  There were 2 set out on the route and let me tell you they were much appreciated.  I think I filled up the bottles on my fuel belt 4 times.  I have 3 7oz bottles on my fuel belt…guys thats a lot of water.  I also have a powdered Gatorade packet with me to keep the electrolytes up.  I was sweating up a storm so that was much needed.  Stay hydrated out there guys, we dont need anyone passing out for something as simple as hydration.

Since I ran so much today I ate Taco Bell for lunch and feel zero percent bad about it.  Today is also National Cheese Pizza Day and we are TOTALLY going to make cheese pizza for dinner.  We havent made homemade pizza in a long time so we are totally due.  I think I may have to share my sauce/dough recipe on friday.  Took me forever to find the perfect recipe, might as well share the wealth!!

CHIME IN!!!  What are you doing this long holiday weekend?  Want me to share my pizza recipe??


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  1. PLEASE share your pizza recipe 😀

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