Early Morning Perks

If you have been following my weekday runs you know I usually run before the sun comes up.  Its hard to get up, not gonna lie, but I love running that early because I get to see the stars.  I dont know how much longer I will be able to see the stars in my neighborhood with all the businesses with major parking lot lights coming in so Im trying to enjoy it as long as its lasts 🙂  I would totally put a picture of the stars here, but yeah, cell phones cant really capture the stars.  Just imagine them in your mind and have a puppy picture 🙂


This morning was a slow run and Im not even sad about it.  First run in a long time where my legs werent tired, my breathing was pretty much fine and the puppies were well behaved.  I decided I was fine with a slower pace (12min/mile) because dang it I needed it!  You know when you have run after run after run of frustration, well that was not this day.  I needed it, I needed the happy run, the run that reminds you why you do all this crazy in the first place.  I am also now super excited for fall.  During the fall/winter most of my runs feel that way.  I was starting to think summer would never end and I would hate all my runs forever, then I was reminded 🙂


I was going to try my hand at self-timer running pictures but it was too dark outside and Joe doesnt get up that early.  So I take pictures of my running buddies instead.  They are much cuter than me anyways!

CHIME IN!!!  How was your Labor Day weekend?  Did you do anything fun or just a nice relaxing long weekend?


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  1. RunMomMe says:

    Puppies are extremely cute! I have a pit bull and I want to take her running. Did you have to train your dogs to run with you? I keep wondering if I need to train her or if she’ll be a natural at it.

    This weekend was a long slow one for our family. Hubby had been out of town for 9 days on business so when he got home the only big trip we took out of the house was to go to the fantasy football draft party. We had plans, but sleeping in and BBQing at home seemed like a better deal.

    Have a great Tuesday!

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    1. whostardis says:

      I did have to train them a little but if your dog is naturally good on a leash she will be fine. I built the mileage up with Oreo and I did for myself, the vet said if I did it that way its all good. Just keep an eye on your pup if she starts lagging behind and foaming she is done 🙂 9 days! Wow, thats a long time I bet you really enjoyed spending some quality time with him.

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      1. RunMomMe says:

        The trip was supposed to be half that length, but since he was in the area (he’s a crane mechanic) they sent him to two other jobs on the way home, one of which was still about 4 hours from home and caused him to stay over there an extra night.

        Do you worry about your dogs feet when you run? I live in California and with hotter temperatures I worry about puppy paws on the pavement because most of my runs are on concrete or asphalt. I guess maybe that’s another thing to train for.


      2. whostardis says:

        i dont worry about their paws in the morning or at night. mid day when the sun is at the highest yes and i try to not take them out or i will make sure and walk them through every puddle i see. i dont run mid day anyway though i live in houston and its way too nasty hot for even me

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  2. sauconrunner says:

    I wish I could have taken Boots on my run today but it was 93 with 97 real feel and I could barely handle it so I didn’t want to make him suffer 🙂 I can’t wait for fall running weather, maybe then my pace will pick up. As it is right now, your slow pace is my average pace on these hot days!


    1. whostardis says:

      oh man i am so not sad to see those 95+ temps do away! good call on not taking Boots, Oreo is used to it but i still wont take him when its that hot unless the sun isnt up yet. COME ON FALL!

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  3. Your running buddies are adorable! The seasons are changing and this week I had my first workout where I had to leave the house in the dark and the cold! Thankfully I had psyched myself up for it.

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