An Ode to Street Lights…and Thursday Thoughts

Almost every single time I sit down to write a post I want to start it with a question.  Then I remember my college English 101 professor saying starting a paper with a question is lazy, or something to that effect.  Granted a blog is not some profound piece on world piece but still, grammatical skills are important dang it!  Also I use way too many smily faces, sorry #notsorry.  Sometimes things people say just really stick with you.  One of my jobs taught me a lot about emails and making sure the tone was totally professional and void of emotion (necessary for the job I was doing at the time).  That has stuck with me and now I use smileys way too much to make sure Im not being too mean because in an email its really hard to tell so the smileys help.smiley

Dont even act like you didnt know that was coming.

Super long intro, now on to today’s run.  Today went down pretty much the same as Tuesday, slower pace (about 12min/mile) but did the full time.  Random rant…since I run in the dark I rely on street lights for visibility.  Vast majority of the time most of the street lights are working fine and I have no issues.  Recently I noticed this one street in particular with 4 street lights either all together out or would intermittently flicker in and out.  Thats 4 of 10 total lights, almost half the street yall.  There are 2 reasons this annoys me, 1-the flickering lights are creepy especially when you run right under them (I watch way too much supernatural to be ok with flickering lights) and 2- I cant see to pick up my dogs business.  I want to be a good neighbor but when there is no moon light and I cant see where exactly he went, Ill do my best but Im pretty confident I missed some.  Rant over, have a puppy picture.


Enough of boring weekday run recap.   Apparently Thursday is “Thinking Out Loud” a link up for other bloggers so here goes:

#1: Everything hurts, my left hip especially.  Its annoying and I want it to stop.

#2: I found out hummas makes me super bloated.  I wasnt a super fan anyway but now I really dont like it.  Running bloated SUCKS

#3: I watched the new trailer for the upcoming Supernatural season looks INTENSE!

#4: I am hungry ALL THE TIME…give me all the food I want to eat it all!!!


#5: I got a brazillian blow out on saturday and so far am LOVING it.  I think I really need a better hairdryer though to get the full effect.  Right now I have a $25 revlon one, think I need to take the plunge and go Paul Mitchell.


#6: I think one of my toe nails is trying to leave my body.  I dont know if this makes me happy because its a runners rite of passage or totally grossed out.

#7: Im super excited about my Harry Potter party Im planning and cant wait to share a few details.  I want to post a spoiler picture right now so bad but have a HP Mean Girls mash-up instead. img-thingdownload

#8: I love following travel blogs because OMG the pictures are gorgeous, but they make me want to travel SO BAD!!!!!  Can someone please just giving me a winning lottery ticket.  K Thanks.

#9: I apparently dont have many thoughts today because this post took WAY too long to write.  Therefore…DAVID TENNANT #sorrynotsorry


CHIME IN!  Do you like random thoughts or does your head work like a normal persons?

PS—only 1 smiley face today and that was a photo!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yes to so very many of these things. I’ve run a couple of trails where the trees make me wonder what exactly is hiding in there. Then I think I watch too much Supernatural but that’s just not possible. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. whostardis says:

      Your right, there is no such thing as too much supernatural


  2. Brittany says:

    UGH story of my life with food bloat, HA! I swear everything that I LOVE (squash, nuts, certain fruit, rice, so on and so on and so on) makes me bloat. I’m sort of over it and immune to it now. Whateverrrrr. I want to travel too, REAL BAD!

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