Treat Yo Self!!

I was so happy to get up this morning because I had single digit mileage today!  Yay!!  I was also running my first ever virtual race for Hogwarts Running Club.  I love this club its so supportive of each other, and themed, and so super nerdy how could you not love it.  The virtual run for me this time was the Platform 9 3/4 k (6.08 miles).  Before we get to the running though…the Hokas I have been running in for 2 months now have been giving me a wicked blister on my left foot on the side.  Its weird and annoying and is hindering my running.  I have tried second skin, a bandaid, blister protection, and now today a bandaid over a cotton ball.


Im super fancy like that!  Spolier alert…it didnt work out.  Mile 2.5 I had to stop and take it off, but i also found out when I got home my blister was further down that it normally was so maybe it would have worked if it was in the right place.  Oh well, I will keep trying to find something that works.  If you have any blister prevention suggestions shout them out I want to hear it!!!!  The run went pretty well though, the weather was much cooler than last run which made for a good morning.  The mornings are still pretty humid though which stinks but its really good practice for drier climates.

Screenshot_2015-09-12-05-51-58It was pretty dark this morning, even with the visor lights from my running group it was still pretty dang dark on those trails for the first 3 miles.  Mile 4 was oddly a little rough, I didnt stretch or foam roll this week like I should have and I was paying the  price.  My back was also acting up which has never happened before and I dont know how to deal with it.  Apparently my back is still injured from D23 because I am sitting on the couch right now writing this post with a heating pad on my back.  Dont worry I also just made a doctors appointment to get it checked out before the half marathon.

20150912_071808I seriously love a good cotton candy sky.  I finished my run with just below a 11:30pace.  Thats a whole minute per mile faster than last week!  Granted I ran half the distance but I think the weather also played a big part.  10 degrees+ lower makes a major difference yall!!!

20150912_071446Im not going to lie, I usually dont post watch pics because Im a little self-conscious about my time.  I follow a lot of running blogs and they are so dang fast!  I follow them for motivation and to see they have the same struggles as I do.  It also has a side effect of making me feel very slow.  I really need this shirt though, I love a funny running shirt 🙂


Another thing I love about Hogwarts Running Club, they give you a custom race bib.  Of course I brought mine along and took a selfie.  Confession…I tried the self timer today to get away from the selfie but I couldnt get the angle right with the sun.  I really need to up my phone camera game.  My fancy camera, I have that down, my phone though…yeah its a work in progress.

20150912_071918Joe is out on a work outing and I was hungry for breakfast, so of course I went and got a breakfast of champions CHICK FIL A!!!  If you dont have one near you Im really sorry but then again I dont have In N Out by me so I guess we are even.


Post run ritual of a shower then a soak.  I got new bath salts this week and the mix is awesome with a totally fun name.  I dont remember what the smells are but its good for tired muscles.  You can get these detox rocks from Bath Junkie.  i have been using these detox rocks for years and absolutely swear by them.  I usually use them for 6 or more miles days or if Im feeling particuarly horrid muscle wise.  I highly recommend them, oh and their silver screen bath bubbles are devine!  I have done a fair amount of research on essential oils for sore muscles and some of the top oils to use are peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender.  I dont know how well these will smell together but it will be good for your body.

20150912_080544I had a few errands to run today which made me quite peckish.  I was out by my brother’s house and there is a really great local pizza place there so of course i had to order one to go for lunch.  needless to say it was totally worth it.  if you live in Houston and want to try out a local pizza place Pizza Zone is really good.  Thin crust is good, hand tossed is best.

20150912_134706I also put up my fall decorations today.  I got the fall bug today and now my house is ready for cooler temperatures and pumpkin everything.  I was burning my sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle all day and now the house smells WONDERFUL!!!

20150912_215053*disclaimer, I was in no way paid or compensated for any review or positive comments on products or clubs mentioned.  I love sharing personal reviews.  I rely on them from friends, and since yall are all my friends these are my reviews.

CHIME IN!!!  Have you put up your fall decorations yet?  How do you deal with blisters?  Got a good pizza place, share away!!!!


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  1. Hello Rachel,

    I am not sure if you have tried the Engo patches for blister prevention ( I have some experience with these and they worked for me. You might want to give those a try.


    1. whostardis says:

      I’ve never heard of those but will definitely check them out thanks for the recommendation!


  2. I really want to join the Hogwart’s Running Club! Maybe when my injury is better….

    Also for blisters- as gross as it sounds, vaseline is really good for preventing them. It can also help existing blisters from getting worse by eliminating friction.

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