Man Crush Monday

Last week a few bloggers posted a Q&A with their husbands quizzing them on their running life (check them out here and here).  I thought it was super cute and decided to quiz Joe and see what he had to say.  Here are his answers, mine are in italics.


1. What do I eat before a run?

Protein that relates to what your running but shorter runs you dont eat anything.

pretty darn close!  I eat a protein bar religiously before a run 6 miler or longer.  I dont eat anything on my short days, I save that for breakfast!

2. How far is my typical run?

Average is like 5 miles.

Well I guess thats right.  Weekdays I run 3 miles weekends can be anywhere from 5 to 14.

3. What kind of running shoes do I wear?

Hoka shoes, running shoes that are comfortable, snug shoe with 2 socks for long runs.  Current is the hoka but dont like them because of the insole.

Right on all counts!  Except with the hoka I dont wear them snug because it gives me blisters but thats a new change.

4. What/how many times a week do I do non-running workouts?

4 days/week for about 3 1/2 hours total at the gym

I do 2 days strength training class at the gym and 1 day yoga class at the gym which totals out to 2 hours

5. What is my favorite race?

Disney Wine and Dine.  Its a late race and the after party for the racers/guests is less crowded than normal park hours and you get to eat and drink whatever you want and when we go we get the snob package during the day.

100% true.  I love the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon for all those reasons.  The snob package is the premium package but we have only done that once and it was a non race year.  But food and wine is an awesome race, I run better in the dark and with the incentive of eating whatever i want after a race.

6. Why do you think I run?

To stay in shape, to escape life and to extend your life, oh and because your dad ran.

Ok so I have never really sat down and thought about why I run but all of those reasons are valid.  I started running half marathons really to prove that I could do it, to get a princess medal and because it was a challenge.  On the basic level though all he said is true.

7. What injuries have I had from running?

Shin splints, ankle injury and I think your back is because of running.

shin splints yes, ankle no that was a stress fracture on my foot.  Back maybe but Im pretty sure its from the evil matterhorn ride and not running.

8. Do you like going to my races?

yes and no.  Yes because I like to support you and its an event and I used to run with you.  No because of some of the requests you make are unrealistic and I lose sleep and cant see you.

someone is being a cry baby!  Disney races are early so I ask him to come and watch me at specific places which he sometimes misses because someone is addicted to the snooze button!

9. Does my running make you want to run?

yes, not as far as you do but yes to get out there and do it

🙂 does a smily face turn italic, cause I just did it.

10. What have you learned from having a wife who runs?

You can run anywhere and experience life while running events


On a super sad note, the Osborne Family Spectacle of lights is closing at Disney World after this year.  This was THE best part of the holidays at Disney and I am super emotional about this.  I know its silly and a little ridiculous but it was truly magical and I hate that this is going away.

wdw 16

DSC06467 IMG_1989 IMG_1997

If you have the opportunity to go between November and January, get your butt out there and enjoy these beautiful dancing lights for the last time 😦

CHIME IN!!! Would your significant other participate in a questionnaire, if you do it send me a link I would love to see what they say!!!  Are you just as sad as I am about the light leaving??

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