Thinking Out Loud #2

I was stuck 1 mile away from my house today for an hour and a half.  Thats right people, I would WALK home faster than I was moving in my car.  I was so frustrated and couldnt find a way to get to work I just went home.  Luckily my job is not a life or death job.

Last night was stretch time and I had some great supervisors.  They made sure i didnt forget a stretch…ok so maybe they didnt do that but they did keep me company 🙂

20150916_201347Since I am so tight i have quite a few pieces of equipment to stretch things out.  Yoga block, resistance bands, foam roller and massager.  All of these are from Amazon…literally they are all from Amazon.  I was just thinking in my head that cant be right but no it is lol.  Oh Amazon you complete me.

20150916_201329My run this morning felt pretty good since I didnt have any sore muscles and i spent about 45 minutes stretching last night.  My pace was a little slower than I wanted but my race being this weekend I decided to push a little but not too much.

20150917_061117Of course i had to hydrate with my happy place cup because it was pretty dang muggy outside.  I dont know if you can see from the picture above but I am covered in moisture and not just sweat.  gross.

20150917_061143 Screenshot_2015-09-17-06-15-50

So that was my run…not on to Thinking out Loud!!!

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1.  Speaking of stretching…this is one i do all the time before and after a run but it took me a really long time to be able to lay all the way down.  Sometimes when Im not so tight I can pick up the other leg too…but Im too tight right now.


2. I had a pretty awesome day dream yesterday that if my life was different I would move to Florence and live there.  It was a pretty awesome daydream…until the analytical part of my brain took over and started thinking about the horrible logistics.  Whatever analytical side, Florence would be awesome.


3.  Speaking of Florence I have been using Duolingo for a while to try and learn Italian and French.  Duolingo says I am 12% fluent in Italian so hey I could marginally get by if i did move to Florence!

4. I started watching Outlander and I am LOVING it.  I guess because i love Brave and that time period but its a really well done show if you have Starz you should check it out.  definitely worth the time investment.


5.  My half marathon is this weekend and i have mixed feelings about it.  forecast is not as cool as i wish it would be, but its my first non-Disney half marathon and so my first chance to get a real PR.  Ill give a recap next week and we can see how i did 🙂

6.  I hate cleaning, can someone come clean my house and not charge me but do it like I did pay you? K thanks

cleaning-meme27.  Dang i just remembered i need to make cookie dough for the dog sitter this weekend.  Im going to use my brown butter chocolate chip cookie recipe because its brown butter.  Think I should share the recipe?

8.  I just bought a new hair dryer today, it should be here next week.  Silly but Im pretty excited about it.  Im curious if the brazillian blow out i got last weekend will look better with a hairdryer that cost more than $15.  never saw the need to invest in one until now.  Ill let you know how it goes:)

9.  Anyone going to Disneyland Paris Half marathon next year?  They just released some details about it and bookings start in about 3 weeks.  I am totally doing it but not sure if Im going to do a vacation package or wait for the general bibs.  I just know I HAVE to do that race next year…Im turning the big 3-0 the week after the race so it seems only fitting.

Thanks it for me, i was full of random thoughts today!

CHIME IN!!!  whats on your mind, have a great blow dryer you use?  Are you on duolingo, find me Im WhosTARDIS.


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  1. Heidi says:

    Amazon absolutely completes my life, too! Sometimes I don’t even realize how much I really order from there… but when I want to buy something, the first thing that comes to mind now is Amazon haha.

    This is random but I just started my own blog and found yours and I have to say I really like it! It’s so cool finding like-minded people on here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. whostardis says:

      I’m glad you found me 🙂 that’s what I love about blogs to finding people with the same passions


      1. Heidi says:

        Yeah! It really is a hugeee community. I could spend hours finding new blogs to read.


  2. I have been loving that stretch lately too! Its one I always forget about but its pretty relaxing and I definitely feel like it loosens up my quads and hip flexors!


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