Thinking Out Loud #3

Guys…I missed the gorgeous cool autumn morning today because SOMEONE (me) turned their alarm clock up and didnt even realize it.  I was so bummed!  I did go on a run before lunch but by that time it was hot and not as nice.

20150924_105257Now to thinking out loud (link here)Thinking-Out-Loud

  1. I ran in my old mizunos and remembered why I switched.  They are comfortable but I get crazy foot cramps in them, and they bother my shins.  They are really light though so Ill keep them in my rotation for hill training

  2. How could I not go running outside today, I mean look at that sky though! 20150924_105549 20150924_1056003. That time I found a random “explore” sculpture on my run and decided to try and self timer photo and it worked out ok.  If you are great at self timer photos, send your tips because seriously, I need some help!

4. Its getting down to the wire for the HP Party and I just keep thinking up more things I want to include.  My brain is super full now but Im sure its going to turn out fantastic.  Im going to post how I made the invitations next week since I think everyone has gotten theirs by now.  Spoiler alert…they were a big hit!

5.  I decided to get a girls trip together for December to see the Osborne Spectacle of Lights one last time.  Still working on the dates and everything but I need to see this gem of an attraction one last time.


6. My birthday is in 11 days!  I love birthdays they are fun celebrating someone’s life.  I think sometimes people get lost in the reason for celebrating things (like valentine’s day, silly holiday, we dont celebrate it) but birthdays are ALL ABOUT THAT PERSON!  Yay because if they didnt have a birthday they wouldnt be here!!!


7. Is it wrong that I laugh a little inside when people complain about 50% humidity….I mean really…you just dont know.  You dont EVEN know.


8.  Someone in the office quit and I got to switch desks to a desk with a window!  I get super cold here so the fact that I get sunshine is stupid exciting.  Its the little things yall.

9.  Today is a day of not much on my mind…but whats on yours???


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Heidi Bee says:

    What shoes do you run in normally?
    Also, the self-timer run pics is such a cool idea. I might have to try that out sometime!


    1. whostardis says:

      i run in hoka clifton 2’s which is a pretty new switch for me i ran in mizunos for a few years but always had really had foot cramps. i like the hoka’s but they did take about a month to get used to 🙂


  2. I love reading TOLTs 😀

    To be fair you got the self-timer photo pretty damn close. I didn’t even know my phone could do that until like 2 days ago… oops!


    1. whostardis says:

      There is this blogger I follow who has flawless self timer photos it’s almost ridiculous. Life goals right 🙂

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