Creating a Rockin Playlist

I havent gone on a run since Thursday…I still have some lingering issues from getting my wisdom teeth out and I definitely do not want to make the situation worse so no running until I know I can.  With that being said, I have been waiting to share my running playlist for a while and kept pushing it back for other posts.  I figured today would be a great day to share that!

If you have been a runner for a while you know how important a good playlist is.  I have never been one for podcasts or anything like that, I really love music and thats what keeps me moving.  I have built my music library up over the years and keep adding as new music I love comes out.  This list doesnt have links or anything because my brain cant really handle complicated things like links today.

playlist 1playlist 2This is my “sprint” playlist which is mostly high tempo music to keep me going during sprints but I have adopted it for shorter runs.  On my longer runs I have a much longer playlist (I think it has 400 songs) but it has some slower music stuck in there for me to catch my breath and relax the mind.

Now no judging on my choice of music but feel free to add some of these awesome songs to your playlist!  I enjoy a wide variety of music and make no apologies 🙂

My idea behind an awesome playlist is to add music you wouldnt skip if it came on in the car.  Add music that makes you smile, add music that gets your toes tapping and most of all add music that keeps you going.  There is no right or wrong way to make a playlist because everyone is special and different and awesome.  I know a lot of people have rap/hard rock in their playlists and I really just cant get on board with that, but some people hate Glee and I have a bunch of that in mine 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  Do you have an all time favorite song in your playlist?  Are podcasts more your thing?  What are you eating for lunch?


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