Thinking Out Loud #7

In sad running news…I had issues with the hotel treadmill and didnt feel safe running around downtown San Antonio so instead of running I did some more ab work and a little arms.  My stomach was so full of food I didnt do a super long workout, but a little is better than nothing right!  Also hense why I have a food baby…dont judge me!


I have some travel related thoughts to share with you today.  Ready?  Ok!  Linking up again, main site here.


  1. I had a meeting at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country and was blown away.  I didnt see the rooms but the grounds were beautiful.  They had an amazing pool area, lazy river, relaxing patio and impressive lobby.  I was there early because another appointment cancelled on me.  Needless to say I spent the hour outside enjoying the gorgeous weather and catching up on some work.


2. I went to Big Lou’s Pizza, a place featured on Man vs. Food.  It has GIGANTIC pizza.  I of course didnt get a gigantic pizza but had to try it out.  It was standard take-out pizza fare.  Better than average and definitely tasty but I was disappointed that they didnt have any specialty pizzas.  I like when a local pizza place has the make your own option mixed with some specialties they have cooked up themselves.  Oh well, le sigh.  I didnt love the ambiance of the place and honestly wont go back.  I think Im going to do a post on San Antonio food later on with more deets.


3. Im staying at a pretty nice hotel in San Antonio and the gym is the size of a closet.  Hilton…you have done me wrong on gyms for the last time.  Small rooms, small gyms, no self parking, poor restaurant service = not a happy guest.


4. I found this really interesting restaurant called Bliss close by the hotel.  They had a quite patio (which is where I was seated), solid wine selection, and creative menu.  I ordered the duck which was DELICIOUS and the key lime pie.  All Im going to say about that right now is Meringue…for…days!!!




5. Anyone else watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend?  Im pretty sure its going to be cancelled but right now Im enjoying it.  Its a musical comedy that I find hilarious.  Joe hates it…of course…but its about a crazy woman who sings wildly inappropriate songs about whats going on.  Its the mindless kind of TV I enjoy 🙂


6.  I think next week we are going to try going artificial sugar free.  I dont know how hard/easy its going to be.  Im a little apprehensive about it actually.  Have you tried going sugar free before?  We met a couple at Disney that had great success, and a few other bloggers I follow have done it also.  I love dessert though, so maybe its a good thing I do this.  Any suggestions on substitutions so I dont lose my mind?  Any tips?

sugar free meme

7.  I have 5 miles for Friday and 12 miles for Saturday on tap this weekend.  I think my head is in a bad space because I just REALLY dont want to do it.  Luckily I got an email from my running club with a “we miss you message”.  Silly how such a simple little message can refocus you.  I still dont really want to run, but knowing my group will be there and doing the mileage I need to as well makes it that much easier.  Plus its a 6:30 start time now so I dont have to get up so early!  Yay for getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep.


8.  In case you missed my tieks review (link here)…another reason I love these shoes is they dont give you pinkie toe blisters.  I wore one of my ballet flats Tuesday and got a nasty blister on my pinkie toe.  I didnt even walk a lot that day.  Oh tieks, if you werent so expensive I would have ordered every pair by now.  Saving my pennies and waiting for christmas instead 🙂

tieks color wheel

9.  Its been fun San Antonio but Im ready to go back home now, K Thanks 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  Have you been to San Antonio?  Do you like duck?  Are you running this weekend?

WIWW #14

Today is my last full day in San Antonio and I have a full day of meeting with hotels.  Since I have never been met these properties before I am dressing business semi professional.  Its important to me that the hotel feels comfortable, not intimidated but also not like I havent put any effort into my appearance.  I know that sounds silly and you may be thinking I shouldnt care I should just wear whatever I want…well yes I could wear whatever I want but I also want to be taken seriously and whether I like it or not, how I look directly effects confidence levels.  Some things just dont change.

I would actually wear different clothes if I was home but when I travel I pack items that are more wrinkle resistant and stain proof.  I hate ironing, aint nobody got time for that!  In the past I have had to move hotels almost every night (meaning I cant hung up the clothes to get the wrinkles out), therefore I just got used to packing/buying clothes that travel well.

Sorry for the terrible lighting pic, my hotel room is super small with zero room to move around.  I couldnt even work out in my hotel room 😦


Top: Express

Pants: New York & CO. 

Shoes: Amazon

Earrings: Kendra Scott

CHIME IN!!!!  Any key items you travel with?  Do you workout in your hotel room?  How is your wednesday going?

Words from the Road

Im on the road this week for work…and by Road I mean San Antonio.  Fun fact…the Emily Morgan Hotel is right across the street from the Alamo!  I have been to the Alamo before so thats not a huge deal for me but if you ever visit San Antonio, the Emily Morgan has a great location…oh and the 6th floor is haunted…no biggie right 😉


This weekend I had the best intentions to run!  No seriously!  It was raining all weekend, Im not even exaggerating the rain was non stop.  Granted it wasnt heavy rain but it was cold and enough to not run in.  I was going to run on the treadmill on Sunday, I got up early did my pre-running ritual, got on the treadmill…..and it doesnt work right 😦  Joe thinks the band needs to be re-greased.  Super sad face because I was actually looking forward to a little treadmill run on home!  Its ok though I had a good speed session on Thursday which I plan on repeating this week.

20151025_074506See!  I took this pre-run, I was ready!  Le sigh.

Another tale from home-ownership…remember the super cracked back door.  Well we finally got a replacement window!!!  Joe is super handy thank goodness and was able to replace the window.  What we ended up doing was buying a whole door from the ding/scratch section of Lowe’s (and getting a super deal because of that) and removing the window from that door and replacing it in our actual door.  The only draw back from this is the window pane color on the outside doenst match, but meh I dont think I care that much.  Oh and BONUS the blinds are inside the window so no more stupid rattling and getting all messed up.  I feel like a super adult now getting excited about blinds!


Back to San Antonio…I do plan on getting a few runs in this week but I am switching the days to Wednesday and Friday so that Friday and Saturday are back to back.  Avengers is in a few weeks so I really need to get back to back runs on the books so my body can be prepared for that stress.  I also seriously need to start my costume…ok sorry got off track.  When I visit hotel partners I bring baked goods because its way more personal than random branded swag.  Before I left Houston I found a San Antonio local bakery that makes cookies (they keep better than cupcakes) and decided to grab a few dozen.


I packaged them, but OMG arent they so cute!!!


The above cookies are pumpkin white chocolate, cowboy, and honey texan.  I liked the honey texan the best but the pumpkin was pretty solid too!


How cute are these sugar cookies!!!  I read a lot of mixed reviews about the cookies and were a little worried they were prettier than they tasted.  I tried one and they are actually really good.  Not the best I have ever had but oh man I have had worse.  The sugar cookie had a pretty solid flavor and werent so hard you break your teeth.  The price point wasnt bad either.  If you are in San Antonio check out Lily’s Cookies, cute little shop and you can see the cookie decorators working!  I love watching super talented people work…in a non-stalker sort of way.


Speaking of food…if you are a Man vs. Food fan you may remember Lulu’s Bakery from the San Antonio episode (hint, they have a 3 pound cinnamon roll).  I decided to stop by for lunch after I checked their yelp listing and saw this awesome looking chicken fried steak.  O…M…YUM, everyting on this plate was delicious.  Best chicken fried steak ever, perfectly fried onion rings, tasty melty delicious mac and cheese, homemade rolls that were so light fluffy and perfect I accidentally ate the whole thing.  I dont feel bad at all about eating this for lunch because breakfast was a sad lame oatmeal and dinner was a sad lame salad.  Ok I know thats not how calories work but shut up it makes me feel better.


Selfie with the Alamo that is closed for refurbishment!  I just realized how total random and rambling this post became #sorrynotsorry.  I have a lot of real job work to do which is distracting me from the fun parts of my life, dang job getting in the way!  Oh and I just saw  CHRISTMAS Best Buy commercial…stop it best buy, just stop it.

Question, do you like reading restaurant reviews?  Im going to a bunch of new places this week (havent been to San An in a while) so if its something thats of interest I will totally put some reviews together.

CHIME IN!!!  But seriously, do you want a restaurant review?  Did I hurt your head with this randomness?  Ever eaten a 3 pound cinnamon roll?

Tieks Review

For my birthday I got my first pair of tieks.  I have seen them all over instagram, people wearing them while traveling saying how awesome they are but no real review on them.  I am really picky on shoes I wear to walk great lengths in (ie Walt Disney World) and was a little skeptical.  How could a ballet flat be that awesome?  At the price point its hardly a matter of “hey lets give it a try and see how it goes.”

20151015_142107I did a lot of research on the shoe, but I am a big believer in outside party reviews.  I couldnt find any but thought the story of the shoes was sound enough.  From the tiek website: Each pair of Tieks is crafted from the finest leathers (or vegan textiles) and specially treated to be flexible yet durable. In total, it takes three days and over 150 steps to create a single pair of Tieks. There are no shortcuts in creating the world’s most versatile ballet flat.

tieksOk, lets talk about MY shoes.  The shoes come in a super cute teal box (like the bottoms of the shoes) with a flower bow that can double as a headband.  I love versatility.  Better than that though there is a personalized handwritten note in the box as well.  The handwritten note is a seriously sweet touch.  Something you just will never get from a giant chain is that level of personalization.

tieks box 2

tieks boxThe shoes themselves can fold in half and fit right inside the box.  This is great for traveling because they take up less space.  You can also fold and unfold these shoes as often as you want with no damage to the shoe.  My flats were the beautiful clover green.  All flats are genuine leather and honestly I have never owned something thats 100% leather so I had no idea what to kept on the feel of the shoe.  When I put them on they were truthfully a little tight and I was skeptical.  I didnt love them right away but figured I would just wear them the day and see what happened.  I walked around a little that day and felt like I was wearing socks in a good way.  The shoes were a little squeaky, but were so soft and comfortable on my feet it didnt bother me.  I wore them to work a few time and they fit like a glove after the initial break in day but the true test was to come at Disney.

DSC_0120I walked around the parks on 3 pretty hot days (over 85 degrees) and had zero blisters, heel pain, back pain.  Ok on day 3 of wearing I did have heel pain but thats also after walking around for 6 days so thats to be expected.  The shoes do squeak and do stick to my feet a little but there were no blisters to speak of.  They slip on and off so easily I actually wore these on the 15 hour drive home rather than the slip on tennis shoes I had packed.  Thats right, these were more comfortable than the sketchers slip on shoes I brought just in case the tieks didnt work out.  Oh and a note on why I mention the heat…I have tried wearing cute shoes to Disney before in the heat and everytime the bottoms of my feet get so hot they blister.  I dont think this happens to everyone but being a runner I just cant have blisters on the bottoms of my feet.  This would have been a total deal breaker.  Normally I dont like hot Disney days but was happy to have it for idea testing conditions.  Yes I am weird 😉

20151012_164610You really need stylish shoes to eat and drink around the world!  My only complaint about the shoes are these:  they squeak and they arent the most stylish flat (meaning they are a little shapeless).  I dont care really about either of those because there are so many gorgeous colors and prints neither of those things matter.  I still think the price point is slightly high, but I do intend to buy another pair 😉  I will definitely be wearing these on my next trip to Disney and will hopefully have the metallic pewter pair in time for London!


In case you cant tell, I am convinced these are the perfect flats and cant wait to get a rainbow of colors for my closet!  Each new color I get I am throwing away my normal flats at home, thats how much I love these shoes.  Now I have to start saving my pennies for the next pair!

CHIME IN!!!  Do you have a pair of tieks?  What color would you get for your pair?  Any cute shoe you love for really long walking days?

*Disclaimer- I was in no way paid for any of this.  The shoes were a gift but from my dad and he paid for the shoes.  While I wish Tieks knew who I was they dont.  I just wanted to share my opinions on the shoe for others like me wanting to try them out but a little weary because of price.

Floating Candle and Night Sky Tutorial

I dont normally post on Saturday’s but I have so many posts floating around from tutorials to reviews I just want to get it all out!

Today’s tutorial is on the floating candles and night sky for the Harry Potter party!  I found a bunch of images online but couldnt find a great tutorial.  Granted I didnt take step by step pictures so mine isnt great but its better than just a picture!  To get started here is what you need:

  • Toilet paper and paper towel rolls
  • LED flickering tea candles (here are the ones I used)
  • Clear wire or thread (there is acutally clear thread and it worked better than fish wire but use what you have.  I found the thread at Joanns)
  • Paper
  • Foam Board
  • Spray Paint
  • Glue

For the night sky:

  • basic black fabric
  • gold glitter spray paint
  • blue glitter spray paint

For the night sky, guys, so simple!!!  Measure your ceiling to get the right measurements.  Take your fabric outside and spread it all out.  Take your spray paint and just make swirls like its the milky way.  Once that is dry, hang it on the ceiling.  We used a staple gun which worked great.  We had 3 panels with the middle one we cut a slit in the middle to go around the chandelier.  Yall, this was seriously so easy and made such a big difference in the room.  With the fabric on sale I think I spent $7 for all of it.

The floating candles were a little more complicated compared to that:

We started collecting the paper towel and toilet paper rolls a few months before the party.  I ended up with around 20 combined.  For a few of the candles I combined two toilet paper rolls to have different height candles.  To do this I just taped the two rolls together.  Simple!

Once you have all your rolls and are ready to start, first thing remove any straggler paper, then spray paint the candles.  I found that white actually didnt work that well so you may want to do a color or, after thought we had but didnt try, wrap the roll in white paper.  Spray painting the candles didnt have a clean look like I wanted but it did the trick.  I think next time I would try wrapping the rolls in paper but that sounds more time consuming.

floating candles 4Once the spray paint has dried you need to get the tops and bottoms situated.  Take a piece of paper and trace enouch circles for all the rolls.  Cut all the circles out and glue to one end of the rolls.  You dont have to do this but candles arent hollow so the paper on the what will eventually be the bottom gives a more authentic look.  I used a glue stick and it worked just fine.  On the below picture you can see the tracing I did, PT stands for paper towel, but as it turns out they were about the same size so I didnt even need to do that 😉

Floating candles 1

My LED lights ended up being smaller than the rolls so I had to create a “shelf” for them to sit on.  For this I used foam board (very sturdy and wouldnt move under the weight of the light).  Same process as the bottom circle, trace enough for each roll and cut out.  To cut these out I used a razor blade because of the thickness.  These you dont need glue to keep in place, they will be a very tight fit so just man man handle them into place.

floating candles 3

Now that you have your candle its time to hang them.  Put 2 holes in the top to pull the thread through and hang at desired height.  we used a staple gun to hang from the ceiling.  There isnt a right or wrong way to do this, just as long as they stay up you are good to go.  Joe did this part for me because honestly I was too stressed at this point in the planning to handle this.

Ok, you have your candles hung and its party time!  Go to each candle and place the LED light on the shelf you made.  I pulled up the string that was running through the middle of the candle to get the LED light to sit under the string.  The string was another level of keeping the LED light in place as well.  Oh and make sure you turn the light on before you put it in the candle.  I did this the day of the party to make sure they battery didnt run out.  You can do it before hand but why take the chance of them going out.  Once the LED lights are in, you are good to go!!!

Floating Candles

As it got darker the lights looked even better!  I wish I would have snapped a picture of it but alas I was wiped out and forgot.  I think the candles really added a great ambiance to the Great Hall and were relatively simple to put together.  Oh and so many compliments on this room, I think other than the photobooth this was the best decorated wise.

floating candles 5

CHIME IN!!!  What do you think of the floating candles?  Are you a harry potter fan?  Want to do a movie marathon with me?

Piroshky Draughts (Foodie Friday #12)

 Happy Friday everyone!  Who is ready for the weekend!!  Its supposed to be really stormy in Houston so we may just take it easy and relax.  The best way to spend a weekend after a jam packed week if you ask me:)
Today Im sharing more food from the Harry Potter party!  These were seriously so good and were gone so fast I doubt everyone got some.  Note to self, when cheese, garlic and bread is involved, always make double!  Luckily I did eat one before they disappeared and can say yum!  The dough was pretty easy to make and turned out very nicely.  I find this this yeast works the best and dont buy any other kind now.  I have had too many bad packets of the instant crap I just dont mess around anymore.  There is little worse in the bread world than dough that doesnt rise.
Piroshky Draughts Recipe
Servings: 24 pieces     Prep Time: 15min    Cook Time: 12min     Rise Time: 30min   Difficulty: Moderate
  • 1 ½ c warm water
  •  1 Tbs yeast
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 Tbs sugar
  • 3 ½ c flour
  • 1/2 cube butter
  • 1/2 c green onion, sliced
  • 2 c Cheddar cheese, grated
  • garlic salt
  • Dissolve 1 ½ c warm water, 1 Tbs yeast, 1 tsp sugar. Mix in 1 tsp salt, 1 Tbs sugar, 3 ½ c flour.
  • Knead till smooth, place in greased bowl, cover with towel for 15 min
  • Spray baking sheet with cooking spray or butter.
  • Roll out dough on floured surface and cut into 4in x 2in strips (can make larger or smaller depending on how many you want to make).  Coat with butter. Sprinkle with garlic salt, cheddar cheese, and green onion. Roll up like mini Cinnamon rolls. Place them 1 inch apart on greased cookie sheet. Repeat for each strip of dough.
  • Let rise for 15 min. until doubled in size.
  • Bake at 400’ for 8-12 min.

(recipe slightly modified from here)

CHIME IN!!!  Do you love bread?  What are you doing this weekend?

Thinking Out Loud #6

Hello friends, how are you doing this morning?  Im ready for a good long nap, but alas…work.  I have a few random thoughts to share with you today, interested 🙂


(link up here)

  1. Have you ever thought about a career change and your first thought is “Oh man I would be awesome at that” but then those horrible doubt monsters creep in and say “well really you arent qualified, you wont get hired, better not try.”  Yeah thats been going on this week.  Lucky for me I have this awesome poster in my office to remind of who I am 🙂

10922264_10102214534641996_1016082244_n2. Its time to start working on my lady thor and brunhilde costumes for the Avenger’s Gauntlet challenge.  I have a few ideas but if you are super creative and have a great idea let me know!  I want an epic costume.  Um PS-life goals…arms like Brunhilde, because seriously, them guns!

d82860d259f90285a2ce62878a190777 c2303ffb840d7e2b4843483400b605743. My awesome friend Caitlin gave me a super cute pumpkin decorating kit for my birthday and I finally sat down and did it.  Totally appropriate for me right!  I have only once carved an epic pumpkin and it took like 4 hours, ever since I just cant seem to get myself to carve a pumpkin.  I think I much prefer this method 🙂  Thanks Caitlin!!


4. On my way home yesterday I caught a glimpse of an awesome sunset.  Now that its getting darker earlier (not a fan) I see them on the way home from work.  Being stuck in traffic has its perks…photo op!!


5. Did you know a laptop can get so hot it can burn your legs?  Granted the laptop has to be on your legs and for quite a long time, but yeah its true!  Im sitting on the couches in our office right now nice and warm because my laptop is on my legs…then my mind wandered and I remembered the leg burning thing.  Told you today my thoughts were random lol.


6. Ive been seriously considering getting a running coach for speed improvement.  I had a follow up with my doctor this week and we have some goals…are you ready…the goal is to not get hurt anymore.  My injuries havent been horrible, but as she says, Im too young to be having all these issues.  Her goal is my goal, I dont want to get hurt anymore, but I also dont want to stop running.  Getting a pro’s help is probably a good idea.  Have you had a running coach before?  Tell me all about it please and thank you.


7. Im doing speed work at the gym today.  I found a treadmill speed plan that I think will push me more than I do on my own.  I could do it at home but Im pretty sure when I get home all I will want to do is stretch (my new routine, good right!) and watch some Heroes Reborn.  Who is watching Heroes?  I watched the original so had to watch the reboot.  So far its ok.


8. I just put a new smell in my wallflowers and I forgot how much I loved the smell.  For fall I love Bath and Body Worksleaves” smell.  Its perfect and a nice break from the pumpkin.  Dont get me wrong I love a good pumpkin smell but I want to keep loving it so I break it up with leaves which just makes me happy.  Do you have a signature smell?  Does that sound weird, oh well Im leaving it 😉


9.  What’s going on with you this week?

Disney Food and Wine Festival 2015 Recap

Its a double posting today!  I wanted to spend some time and write about Disney’s Food and Wine Festival.  Super quick background…the festival runs from around September 25 – November 16 (dates change a little each year) and features over 30 countries from around the world.  Each country/booth has small plates of authentic cuisine from that country as well as wine and sometimes mixed drinks and beer from as well.


You cant see the menus that well but you get the idea.  The booths are spread out across the World Showcase making it easy to eat your way around the world.  At the Festival Center you can buy festival specific merchandise, attend a culinary or beverage seminar, or buy wine or art.  They also have passport books which is my favorite part (aside from eating).  Each country you visit will stamp your passport book.  When you get all the stamps you can go back to the festival center to get a completion stamp.  Now some people cheat and just got to the booth for a stamp, but we eat at all the countries because its more fun.  The stamps are super cute and another great thing about the passport book is it also has all the foods listed.  Meaning you can peruse the book, pick what you want to eat ahead of time, and mark off what you ate.  Love those little passport books 🙂


Honestly there are so many things to do in Epcot during the festival its almost impossible to write about all of it.  There are tasting events, eat to the beat concert series, demonstrations, book signings, party for the senses, dining packages, food and beverage pairing events…and the list goes on.  This year we kept it simple because this was a work trip after all.  We took part in the food and wine premium package.  We did this package last year and loved it so decided to do it again this year.  Here is what you get with the package:

  • The Epcot Food & Wine Premium Package is valid for one week of your choosing – Monday through Thursday.
    • Each Guest will receive a credential to allow access to the Premium Package areas and the special events included with the package. The credential will also contain 4 entitlement tabs to be redeemed for food and beverage items inside the Premium Package areas.
    • There are 11 Premium Package areas located outdoors around World Showcase and Future World. These concierge-style locations have tables and limited seating to enjoy food and beverage items purchased at the marketplaces. Each Premium Package area allows you to purchase items from select marketplaces and a cast member will deliver the items to you at the Premium Package area. The package allows access to the Premium Package areas for one week of your choosing – each day, Monday through Thursday – from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
    • The package also includes admission to one (1) IllumiNations Sparkling Dessert Party Monday through Thursday of the purchased package week. The IllumiNations Sparkling Dessert party allows you to savor delectable treats and wines in an exclusive setting along World Showcase Lagoon during the nighttime fireworks spectacular, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. The date and time the Food & Wine Premium Package is booked indicates the date and time you will attend the IllumiNations Sparkling Dessert Party.
    • The package also includes admission to one (1) culinary or beverage seminar Monday through Thursday of the purchased package week, taking place in the Festival Center at Epcot. This seminar should be booked in advance as there is limited availability each day.
    • Take-home amenity bag includes a wine glass, a bottle of 20th year celebratory wine created just for this festival, and a custom designed Food & Wine Festival magic band

The price tag looks a little much at $199+ per person but when you consider all you get, you can actually save money all together.  For me though, the biggest perk was having food runners go get your food.  That is the most time consuming aspect, waiting in line at each booth for food.  Keep in mind there are over 30 booths, so if you want to eat them all this can take a while.  If you have the opportunity to take part in this package I highly recommend it.  I wont do food and wine any other way now.


This year is also the 20th anniversary of the festival.  I loved the art work done for this year, very art deco.  Photo ops are a must, obviously.  If you have never been to the festival before I recommend spending at least 2 days at Epcot.  That way you can try everything day one, then get back for your favorites on day two.  I highly recommend the Brazil booth with the crispy pork belly and caipirinha…delicious!



Seriously love the styling of the Brazil booth.  Some of the booths get super creative, this year the wine and cheese booth blew me away.






But seriously, how cute is that wine area!  Ok so now on to food.  I didnt take pictures of everything, but here is what I think of what I took pictures of 🙂


Cheese bread from Brazil-this year, dare I say, was a little too cheesy.  Still delicious but super filling with just 2.


Escargot from France-each year they have done something a little different.  I enjoyed this version, but the previous “bread bowl” version is still my favorite.


Crispy pork belly-the clear winner for me.  delicious, full of flavor and awesome.


Chocolate Waffle from Belgium – not a huge chocolate fan but the waffle was cooked to perfection.


From America, lobster roll, sliders, and beer – Joe really liked the slider and beer, I was not a fan of the lobster roll.  I like the mayo free version better and the roll was a little stale.


Perogies and Kielbasa from Poland – while the flavors were on point, I was disappointed with the portion size.


Frozen Apple Pie (mixed drink) from Poland – here I was not disappointed with the portion size.  This year the added apple pie mix at the bottom and pie crust on top.  Delicious, not as strong as previous years though.  Awesome portion size.


Beer Flight #1 from Craft Beers – Yall I actually drank an entire beer and ordered more!  The vanilla blueberry was sooooo good.  I need to find it here in Texas.  The rest meh, Joe liked them though and he is the beer drinker of the two of us.

20151012_155844 - Copy

Dumplings and Duck from China- both sooo good.  I love the fresh bun for the duck (which was cooked perfectly) and the dumplings with the perfect mix of flavors.  I went back for seconds of both.

20151012_162109 - Copy

Bratwursts and beer from Germany – a little disappointing this year the pretzels werent as good as previous, but the bratwursts were really good.  Joe was sad the grapefruit beer was not available at the booth but did like this years beers.


Loaded mac and cheese from Farm Fresh and Scallop from Scotland – the mac and cheese was good but was very greasy.  Scallop was alright, a little overcooked but the greens it was on were good.  Wish Scotland would bring back the salmon from their first year it was off the chain.


Salmon, short ribs, and chocolate almond nitro truffle dessert from the Chew Lab – I loved the salmon, Joe devoured the short ribs and hated the chocolate dessert.  Granted I thought it would taste less like chocolate (no idea why) so if you love chocolate you will love this.

There was so much more that we ate and drank, but we were having such a good time I didnt document it all.  Needless to say this festival is not to be missed.  If you can go anytime during the year, go during food and wine.  Make sure you wear an awesome shirt while you are at it (link to mine here)


If I didnt cover something that you want to know about, hit me up!  I love talking Disney and especially food and wine festival!!

*Disclaimer—I am in no way affiliated with Disney and all of this food/drink was paid for out of my own pocket.   Opinions are totally my own, Disney probably has no idea who I am 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  Have you ever been to Disney during food and wine?  What is your favorite food?  Do you love pun-y shirts?

WIWW #13

Its a gloomy morning here in Houston.  Feeling a little gloomy myself because this kind of weather is perfect stay at home, cuddle with the puppies, have a bowl of soup and watch movies kind of day.  Too bad I have to go to work and make money.  First World problems am I right 😉

I did feel fancy today and curled my hair.  Im really bad at it so I need to practice.  Practice makes perfect, or at least thats what they tell me.


Basic Tank: Forever 21

Crop Cardigan: Amazon

Skirt: Mod Cloth

Shoes: Tieks!!!!!  You guys, LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes.  I am going to write a review on them separately.  I didnt understand the hype because no one really wrote a great review (that I could find) so I am going to do that.

Necklace: Charming Charlie (main site)

CHIME IN!!!  Are you good with styling hair?  What are your favorite pair or non running shoes?  How are you today?

Vacation Runs and New Shoes!

As you may know I was on a business trip/mini vacation last week.  When I am on a business trip I keep pretty consistent with my workouts, when Im on vacation though thats another story.  Since this was a mix of both, funny enough my workouts were a mix of both.  Since we did a lot of walking in the parks I did not add any extra strength training using Sworkit (review here) but I did keep to my running plan since I am less than a month out for the Avenger’s Half.

I did switch up my running days though because I wanted to get a run in before we spent 15 hours in the car going home.  I ran Wednesday and Friday.  I skipped my Saturday run because quite honestly I needed to recover from all the walking around that week.  Each day I averaged walking around 10 miles so my legs definitely got the feel of being on my feet for long periods of time.

Wednesday we were at Hyatt Place close to Universal Studios with a lot of construction on the roads so I ran on the hotel treadmill.  This Hyatt Place also had the treadmill like in Anaheim where the screen simulates running on a trail.  This time I chose to run through Zion National Park in Utah.  It was a really pretty run :).  When I run on a treadmill I find it much easier to push my speed and work on getting faster.  I think this really has solidified that I need to do more treadmill work to force myself to run faster.  When I am on the treadmill I can easily hold a 10min/mile pace for 3 miles, but when I run outside I average 10:30-11min/mile for 3 miles.  Im going to try to do the treadmill once a week to get my outdoor speed to match my indoor speed.  Good thing Glee is on Netflix to keep me company!20151016_090211

Friday we stayed at Old Key West on Disney property and its a massive location.  I decided to take my run around the resort grounds and ended up with 2.5 miles.  I would have gone further but there were so many people walking around it was making it a little difficult to get around the sidewalks.

20151016_090147Of course I had to stop mid run and take a picture with some of the rooms behind me.  If you have ever been to a Disney resort you know each one has a unique look.  This one, as you might guess, is old school Key West Florida.  I worked here during the College Program so it holds a special place in my heart. 20151016_092111

The main building and also an iconic feature of OKW.  We were lucky enough to have our building right across the street from here.  Gotta love easy access!!


Behind me is the lighthouse which is featured on a lot of the OKW merchandise.  Of course awesome selfie with it in the background was a must.  No one was at the pool yet so it was perfect timing.  After the run we got cleaned up, headed to Epcot for lunch, Magic Kingdom for rides and a parade, Disney Springs to pick up my new shoes then we were on the road!

Speaking of new shoes…I decided to get a new pair of shoes to put in the rotation.  My original thought was just to get a different kind of Hokas since I really do enjoy the Clifton 2 (minus the blisters) but after speaking to the manager at Fit2Run (favorite running store by far and the main reason I got shoes now rather than later) he recommended trying something different since the Hokas tend to have a smaller frame around where the blisters are coming in.  We tried quite a few pairs but landed on the Brooks Launch 2.  Once I realized they came in RAINBOW!!!!! that sealed the deal.


I ran in them for the first time today and they did pretty well.  I still get stupid foot cramps on my left foot but I think this may be because of running on the left side of the street when it slopes down a little.  I dont get foot cramps on the treadmill so Im pretty sure thats what it was.  I didnt go too far today (2 miles) I wanted to see how these shoes would feel first.  I think these are going to be my 10k or less mileage shoes and anything above that will be the hokas.


My supervisor agrees, the shoes are pretty and good for lower mileage (which was also what the manager at Fit2Run said).  I do feel so much better running these days than during the summer, the cool breeze just breathes new life into me.  Cant wait for long sleeves, gloves, head warmers!!!  I know Im crazy, you dont have to tell me.

But before we go…how about a little “Tales of Home-ownership!”.  Fact #1, weed eaters can kick up rocks.  Fact #2, those rocks can fly really far and really fast.  Fact 3# Those rocks can crack a window.  Fact #4 when that window gets really cold it can crack all the glass.


This has been…TALES OF HOMEOWNERSHIP!!!!  Joe is looking into the warranty of the door or replacing the glass today.  Im a paranoid person and need this to be fixed, like, yesterday!

CHIME IN!!!  Do you run on vacation?  Did you get a new pair of shoes recently?  Any funny homeowner stories to share?