The Best Day Ever!! Harry Potter Party Details

Today is my birthday everyone!!!  I am at work and got sad news Disneyland Paris half marathon bookings got pushed back a week 😦  Im still happy though because the weather is still gorgeous, I had a great run saturday and had THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!!!

First things first, my run.


Let me just pause and say…OMG this weather was beautiful.  So nice I didnt start my little run until after 7am!!!


So nice I wasnt read in the face at all and I went outside to stretch because it was cooler outside than inside 🙂  Now that the run was done and I was all clean, its PARTY TIME!!!

I have been working on this party for a while and was really happy with how it turned out.  _DSC1786

My artistically inclined husband made the amazing platform sign and brick wall.  It was so much fun walking through it 🙂


Im so fancy I dont even need to wear shoes 🙂_DSC1788

This way to Hogsmeade!  Students will need to pick up supplies before going to Hogwarts!!DSC_0140

Ollivander’s had all kinds of wands.  I forgot to take a picture at the beginning so this is what we had left at the end.  Each wand was a different wood with one of three cores.  We had details on what each core and wood meant.  It was really fun to see who got paired with which wand.  Most of the time it was pretty spot on!!  _DSC1856

Welcome to Hogwarts!!!  Each house and their points represented._DSC1845

Edible points, obviously.  Oh and some snitches 🙂_DSC1806

Welcome to the Great Hall!  Plenty of food for all (ok all the savory food was gone at the end of the night, but still)








So much food!!!


Transfiguration class was so much fun!!!_DSC1789Here is the set up with all the props, you cant see them all but it was so much fun to see what people grabbed and what they did with them 🙂

DSC_0142Watch out in the bathroom!!!  Moaning Myrtle was roaming the toilet as well, but I forgot to take a picture of her before she left.


Plenty of pumpkin juice to go around (with some apple pie vodka it was delicious)_DSC1820

And of course butterbeer!!!  The big hit of the night!  Add some butterscotch schnapps and it tasted just like at Hogwarts!!!_DSC1894

How could it not be, this amazing butterbeer barrel Joe made!!!  You can also see the water bottle or Gillywater, Elixer of Life and Kissing Concoction to be more precise 🙂


Potions class was not to be missed!  We had a delicious brew which induces signs of euphoria and immense amounts of fun._DSC1897

Some more of the potion bottles, these were not to be consumed for the dangers they pose…very potent these potions 😉

Before classes could start, we had to sort everyone into their houses.  We had everyone do a sorting quiz to see which house they belonged to.



The sorting ceremony was so much fun, it was a real surprise what houses some people got sorted into.  I apparently surround myself with other houses because there were a lot of Hufflepuff, Slytherin, a few Gryffindor and only 2 other Ravenclaws!!_DSC2024

Charms class was all about LEVIOSA!  Keep the balloon up 🙂_DSC2029

Herbology was planting herbs in a cauldron.


Transfiguration was the photobooth!!!  Im so terrifying I dont even need to make a scary face 🙂


The runaway hit of the night though was Quidditch.  It was so much fun!!  For the first 2 games I was the snitch but I had to get in on the action for the final match, Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor!!!  Gryffindor ultimately won, but seriously no one is surprised, those lions!!

We also had Defense Against the Dark arts (horcrux hunt), Care of Magical Creatures (petting the puppies), and Divination (magic 8 ball).

At the end of all the classes and Quidditch we gave out the house cup.  No one was surprised when Gryffindor won but it was really close in the points.


It was so fun to see each house show qualities of their house, Slytherin did some sneeky tricks to get ahead, Hufflepuffs all worked together to get their house some glory, Gryffindor were all about winning and Ravenclaw just wanted to get the most points because thats how you win 🙂

I think everyone had a great time, I know I did! 4SNV3O00R_9llSA6lmygj3Z393zRkx5m7G58Dmj5TbILAYspN

Tutorials to come, slowly though because this is a blog mainly about running after all 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  Did you do anything fun this weekend?  Were you able to get a run in?  Do you get just as excited about Harry Potter as I do?

3 thoughts on “The Best Day Ever!! Harry Potter Party Details

  1. OH MY GOD CAN WE BE BEST FRIENDS?!?! This is my dream! The last Harry Potter themed thing I did was Harry Potter weekend here in my hometown. It was awesome and I’m totally getting involved next year!

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