Mind over Matter

Another tuesday another weekly maintenance run.  Today was 3 miles at a 11:30min/mile pace.  I am trying to break that 10min/mile pace consistently but just cant seem to get there.  I feel good on my runs but have been getting super frustrated that Im not seeing any significant progress.  I have been toying with the idea of a running coach…anyone have one, what do you think about it?  Running coaches can be pricey so I want as much insight as I can before I take the plunge.

tumblr_muvbnm3GfC1sffwkfo1_500 (burn!!! lol)

Today’s run was nice, a little humidity crept back in but the temps were low 60’s and thats just fine with me.  I think my happy running temp is in the 40s because I get hot pretty quickly.  Does that happen to yall?  I did have this stupid headache this morning that has been around since yesterday.  Im pretty sure its from dehydration (ie not drinking enough water over the weekend, I had fluids but they were sugary drinks and not solid H20).  I got seriously dehydrated once after Tinkerbell and that was MISERABLE!  I dont recommend you do something silly like that at all.  Normally I only drink water so when my body gets more than 1 sugar drink its all “Um hello, I am a temple not a waste dump more water please”.  Just kidding my body doesnt actually talk to me, but sometimes I need to entertain myself 🙂


Mind over matter…thats for the headache and being tired and any other excuse that ran through my mind this morning when I was getting out of bed at 5am.   I was feeling very sad this morning…not depressed I dont think it goes that far for me but sad.  My sad brain was telling me to get back in bed and be a baby and sleep more but my run brain said “get up, put on your shoes and run you will feel better after.”  Even during the run my sad brain was still telling me to just turn right instead of left (right to go home left to keep going) but my running brain won today and we (me and the puppies) even added an extra 400 meters on to made it 3 miles.  I still am feeling sad today and my headache is still annoying me but at least I ran!  Honestly I dont see how so many of you run more than 4 miles during the week…maybe you dont have the traditional Mon-Fri 9-5 gig, but if you do I need to know your secret.  I am lucky to do 3 miles during the work week.  Tell me all your secrets!!!


Since I dont want to end the post all mellow-dramatic, here is me holding the snitch.  I was the snitch during Quidditch and I had to run around, thank God I already run otherwise I would have been a wheezing mess 🙂


CHIME IN!!!  Do you struggle to get out of bed and run, whats your trick to get up?  Tell me all your secrets I want to know!!!!


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  1. Heidi Bee says:

    Cooler running temps are the best! If I’d be shivering while walking, it’s good running weather. I’m training for my first half marathon and luckily I can squeeze in 5-6 miles every other day during the workweek. My secret is having a boyfriend who works from home and legitimately enjoys cooking dinner. 🙂 Before we lived together I sometimes would even do 8-10 miles on a work night, but that was when I was a total bachelorette and could just fry up some eggs and feed my cat real quick when I got home. Hope you feel happier soon – keep on running the sad off!


    1. whostardis says:

      wow you are lucky a man that actually enjoys cooking!!! when is your first half, that is so exciting!!

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      1. Heidi Bee says:

        I know! We actually argue over who gets to cook sometimes, which is so silly. My first half is Sunday, 10/18! I’m equally nervous and excited. Half of me thinks I’m under prepared and the other half of me thinks I’ll be just fine

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  2. Brittany says:

    I work an inconsistent schedule, so I never get out of bed just to run. I always have time either before or after work which is nice. If not, I just skip it for the day. Once in a blue moon I feel the urge to get a run done right away, but it’s only if I’m already awake. What motivates me is a cup of coffee (to be earned) and a warm bowl of oats.

    As for the running coach, I think they are fantastic for motivating, but definitely $$$. I think anyone that gets one has the capability to run on their own, it’s just having that person to push you and tell you what to do that is helpful.


    1. whostardis says:

      Thanks Brittany! That’s probably what I need that extra push 🙂


  3. If I have to get up early to run or workout, I bribe myself with amazing food or coffee for afterwards 😀


    1. whostardis says:

      funny how food is such a great bribe 🙂

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