Thinking Out Loud #4

I had a good thought dump for today so get ready!


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  1. I did sprints this morning and they are just as hard as I remember.  Today was sprints for time rather than distance.  Weekdays the school starts early so I cant use the track.  I dont really have a safe place to run back and forth anymore (the road I was using has been opened up and its not safe anymore).  I think I did pretty well but know I need to keep working on this to get even better.  Thanks Amy for the plan today 🙂


2.  While sprints are great and all…this is how I feel after…like Im about to die.  I guess that means Im doing it right?


3.  I love a good dog pile.  My dogs especially love to dog pile me when Im all hot and sweaty and trying to stretch.  Dont love it so much then but dogs really are the best medicine.  Have a bad day, snuggle a puppy.  Sad about something, love on a puppy.  Need some attention, pet a puppy.


4.  I love Kroger, namely Kroger fuel points.  Gas is already cheaper than it has been in a long time but thanks to fuel points I got $0.60 off / gallon and got gas for my car which was almost on “E” for under $20.  What!!!  I love being rewarded for spending money that I have to spend anyway.


5.  Sunrises are my favorite.  Its a little sad that they are coming out later now so most days I miss them but they are my favorite.  Main reason I dont like sunset, the sun blinds me!!  Ahh my eyes!!!  Sunrise though is nice and gentle and doesnt make me almost crash because I cant see.


6.  T-minus 2 days until we leave for WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!  Food and Wine Festival is my absolute favorite time of year.  I have been during Christmas, Flower and Garden Festival, summer, but none of that is as awesome as Food and Wine.  Ok Christmas is a very very close second, but I cant eat food from over 20 countries so Christmas takes second.  This year is the 20th anniversary and I am so excited to try some old favorites that I never experienced before, and some new booths that just debuted this year.  Ill give you a rundown of everything when I get back.


7.  I dont know what to do with myself now that the Harry Potter party is over.  I spent so much time working on that Im a little sad its over.  Granted I have to plan for London and a possible Grinch themed Christmas party…but its not the same!  Someone just send me to Hogwarts already!


8.  I have 11 miles to run this weekend and no one to run it with me 😦  My running group is doing 10 for Texas this weekend so I cant do my normal route with them.  Another running friend is going to Austin this weekend so she is out.  That means I have to run by myself.  All alone.  The weather this weekend looks decent though so Ive got that going.  Ill get to sleep in a little (6:30am yay) so Ive got that going also.  Most looking forward to the bath after, I love my detox baths!


9.  This guy, how can you not love this face!  He annoys me, licks too much and can be a pest but I love him to pieces.  Little bit is adorable too but she is too much of a wiggle worm to catch on camera.


CHIME IN!!!  Anything upcoming you are getting excited about?  Do you have a pet?  Ever been to food and wine festival?


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  1. Amy G. says:

    Yay! Good job on doing your sprints! I would say that feeling exhausted afterwards means you’re doing them right for sure. Hopefully next week we can do them together…boo work for making you do work!

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  2. Eee have the best time at Disney! I’ve only ever been during the summer and then Halloween, but I would LOVE to visit sometime around Christmas… even if that means dealing with crazy crowds. And I definitely agree that there’s nothing better than puppy snuggles when you’re in a mood. Your pups are adorable 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. whostardis says:

      first two weeks of december are the best time to go because the crowds are low the weather is great and prices are some of the lowest of the year.


  3. ashley says:

    Great job on your sprints! What are you going to London for? Have fun at Disney! I’m jelly!


    1. whostardis says:

      I have my company annual meeting in Amsterdam so we are tacking on a trip to London. gotta make use of 1 free international flight you know 🙂


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