How to Stay Motivated

Im at Disney World right now probably having the time of my life so this post is actually being written in advance!  I love scheduled blog posts 🙂  This has been something on my list to write about for a while and I am in a space right now where I feel its appropriate.  Love from Disney yall 🙂

I know I have struggled with this lately and from reading fellow runner blogs it seems like this is a common problem.  The boring parts of life seem to get in the way of all the fun we want to have.  Injuries crop up, jobs keep us busy, just plain tired.  All of this and so much more are reasons why you just cant keep up with running.  Instead of focusing on all that, how about some ways to stay positive!

  1. Have a goal to work towards.  For me its having an upcoming race.  I find I still run when I dont have one scheduled but those runs typically arent too long and definitely not worrying about pace.  Having a goal really keeps the training going and honestly something fun to look forward to!  I do most of my races away from home to give me a reason for a mini vacation.  My next race is Disney Avenger’s!!!

2. Look at what went right on a run, dont dwell on what went wrong.  Yeah crap happens and a lot of times its frustrating when you dont get that exact pace or distance or split but you know what, you got out there.  You put your shoes on, got out the door and did something.  That alone these days is worth celebrating.  Dont forget that.  I know its easy to get upset when you dont hit your target (because hello I do that all the time) but remember you did it!  Your lungs pumped air, your arms were slicing the air, your legs kept you upright and your feet were moving.  Horray!!

3.  Ok 100% honesty on this one…being better than person “x” keeps me going.  I like to call it friendly competition but once I see someone start to creep up on me in pace and half marathons I keep pushing myself.  Im not big when it comes to competition…except when it comes to running.  I want to win.  Even if its just passing that one lady at the very end of the race, I want to mentally win dang it!

4.  Have someone to hold you accountable.  This could be a running buddy that goes with you for your longer runs.  Having a blog (*cough, me, cough*), puppies that annoy the crap out of you unless you go running with them.  It could be whatever, but being accountable is a great way to keep going.  I always hate it when a friend asks me “so how was your run this weekend!”…*mumble mumble*I didnt actually go….face of shame.

5.  Reward yourself!!!  Sometimes I am not excited to run 10+ miles on a saturday so to encourage myself I give myself homemade pizza after.  Or we go out to dinner…or ice cream (why is that not one word!)…you know a reward.  Mine revolves around food because its cheap and delicious and works best for me.  For you it could be clothes, new shoes, a movie, whatever.  Rewards work for kids but it works for adults too 🙂

There are so many other ways to stay motivated but these are my top reasons.  Oh and the bling, because I love a good medal.  Cant wait for my avenger’s hardware!!!!!

CHIME IN!!!  What are your tricks to stay motivated?  Do you love Parks and Rec?


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