Saturday Running Recap

I decided to wait until today to write about my weekend run.  I am not running today since Im in Disney I decided to switch my running days to Wednesday and Friday.  Friday we are driving back home and I think my body will feel better about sitting for a long time if I run first 🙂  Speaking of road trip…Enterprise upgraded me to this sweet ride (ok I used my gold status free upgrade card but whatever).  I love enterprise they are so friendly, have great cars, and give me a car that fits my needs.  My needs are few…not a Honda or Toyota and needs to have a USB.  Thanks Enterprise 🙂


Yeah you see that right, this car has less than 75 miles on it.  It still has that new car smell.  Not really a fan of the new car smell but Joe is psyched!20151010_124633

About this run…Saturday had 11 miles on tap since I missed it last week because of the party.  I decided to sleep in a little until 6:30am.  Two reasons for the late wakeup call, 1 I didnt have a lot to do today and could take my time and 2 I was going by myself and didnt want to go in the dark.  Before I ran I ate a white chocolate raspberry quest bar (really good), let that sit in the stomach for a while then headed out.

20151010_073456I had to stop for the sunrise, obviously.  By mile 5 the gauze I had put on my foot wasnt really working out.  Lesson learned I need more padding than what I did today.  Where is a Medic Tent when you need one!

20151010_082816I had to stop 3 times to deal with this crap.  At least it was a beautiful day, the sun was not killing me the breeze was beautiful and the humidity was low.  The route I took had plenty of shade so that was a bonus as well.  All of this good stuff going…but by mile 8 I was so done.

20151010_090805I dont know what exactly happened, the blister crap was super annoying but its not like I was really hot or tired or anything.  Either way, mile 8 I was so over it and walked for a mile.  I spent the whole time thinking how I the 10k must be my favorite distance.  I think if I had a great group of runner friends to entertain me it would be different, but all alone today I was just done.  Im not going to stop running half marathons mainly because I have at least 4 still to go.  I want them to be fun again and the training just isnt.  I hope my next few races put me back in a better headspace.

Joe gives me crap sometimes for the routes I take to run, but there is a method behind my weird running route madness.  See at mile 8 I was still 2 miles away from the house (1 less than my goal) so no matter how much I wanted to quit I still had to get home.  I had two choices, I could walk the whole way home which would take forever and people would judge me (ok probably not but it feels like it) or I could run and get done with it faster.  Obviously I chose to run, cinnamon rolls were waiting for me!

todays runAbove is my fitbit recap from Saturday’s run.  I love fitbit beause it gives this awesome breakdown of your pace on each mile.  i was plugging along really well but you can totally see where my mind was done and where I decided to just get it over with.  I can say overall this run wasnt bad, all things considered the pace wasnt too far off improvement wise I felt great and my body isnt hurting.  Im hoping my next long run I can do with my running group so I can not be so lonesome.

20151010_111915I really needed those 10 miles today because CINNAMON ROLLS!  We were too busy last weekend but today Joe made my birthday cake cinnamon rolls.  They were pretty sweet but oh man they were on point.  Food is my motivator people!!!

20151010_112154Gooey deliciousness right 🙂

20151010_112227Its funfetti, its delicious, and there is a whole ‘nother pan in the freezer for another time.  Thats love people, delicious cinnamon rolls that took a long time to make.  I may have had 2 1/2.  Good thing I ran 10 miles today 🙂  Want the recipe, let me know and I might add it to a Foodie Friday post!

CHIME IN!!!  Do you like running with people or alone?  Are you a cinnamon roll fan?  What did you do this weekend?


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  1. I always bribe myself with food! And force myself to run extra miles/not wimp out by plotting my routes accordingly. It always works! And that’s why my treadmill runs are always such fails…

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  2. Those cinnamon rolls look amazing!


    1. whostardis says:

      they were sooo good. a little sweet fresh out of the oven but so delicious left over as well.


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