Vacation Runs and New Shoes!

As you may know I was on a business trip/mini vacation last week.  When I am on a business trip I keep pretty consistent with my workouts, when Im on vacation though thats another story.  Since this was a mix of both, funny enough my workouts were a mix of both.  Since we did a lot of walking in the parks I did not add any extra strength training using Sworkit (review here) but I did keep to my running plan since I am less than a month out for the Avenger’s Half.

I did switch up my running days though because I wanted to get a run in before we spent 15 hours in the car going home.  I ran Wednesday and Friday.  I skipped my Saturday run because quite honestly I needed to recover from all the walking around that week.  Each day I averaged walking around 10 miles so my legs definitely got the feel of being on my feet for long periods of time.

Wednesday we were at Hyatt Place close to Universal Studios with a lot of construction on the roads so I ran on the hotel treadmill.  This Hyatt Place also had the treadmill like in Anaheim where the screen simulates running on a trail.  This time I chose to run through Zion National Park in Utah.  It was a really pretty run :).  When I run on a treadmill I find it much easier to push my speed and work on getting faster.  I think this really has solidified that I need to do more treadmill work to force myself to run faster.  When I am on the treadmill I can easily hold a 10min/mile pace for 3 miles, but when I run outside I average 10:30-11min/mile for 3 miles.  Im going to try to do the treadmill once a week to get my outdoor speed to match my indoor speed.  Good thing Glee is on Netflix to keep me company!20151016_090211

Friday we stayed at Old Key West on Disney property and its a massive location.  I decided to take my run around the resort grounds and ended up with 2.5 miles.  I would have gone further but there were so many people walking around it was making it a little difficult to get around the sidewalks.

20151016_090147Of course I had to stop mid run and take a picture with some of the rooms behind me.  If you have ever been to a Disney resort you know each one has a unique look.  This one, as you might guess, is old school Key West Florida.  I worked here during the College Program so it holds a special place in my heart. 20151016_092111

The main building and also an iconic feature of OKW.  We were lucky enough to have our building right across the street from here.  Gotta love easy access!!


Behind me is the lighthouse which is featured on a lot of the OKW merchandise.  Of course awesome selfie with it in the background was a must.  No one was at the pool yet so it was perfect timing.  After the run we got cleaned up, headed to Epcot for lunch, Magic Kingdom for rides and a parade, Disney Springs to pick up my new shoes then we were on the road!

Speaking of new shoes…I decided to get a new pair of shoes to put in the rotation.  My original thought was just to get a different kind of Hokas since I really do enjoy the Clifton 2 (minus the blisters) but after speaking to the manager at Fit2Run (favorite running store by far and the main reason I got shoes now rather than later) he recommended trying something different since the Hokas tend to have a smaller frame around where the blisters are coming in.  We tried quite a few pairs but landed on the Brooks Launch 2.  Once I realized they came in RAINBOW!!!!! that sealed the deal.


I ran in them for the first time today and they did pretty well.  I still get stupid foot cramps on my left foot but I think this may be because of running on the left side of the street when it slopes down a little.  I dont get foot cramps on the treadmill so Im pretty sure thats what it was.  I didnt go too far today (2 miles) I wanted to see how these shoes would feel first.  I think these are going to be my 10k or less mileage shoes and anything above that will be the hokas.


My supervisor agrees, the shoes are pretty and good for lower mileage (which was also what the manager at Fit2Run said).  I do feel so much better running these days than during the summer, the cool breeze just breathes new life into me.  Cant wait for long sleeves, gloves, head warmers!!!  I know Im crazy, you dont have to tell me.

But before we go…how about a little “Tales of Home-ownership!”.  Fact #1, weed eaters can kick up rocks.  Fact #2, those rocks can fly really far and really fast.  Fact 3# Those rocks can crack a window.  Fact #4 when that window gets really cold it can crack all the glass.


This has been…TALES OF HOMEOWNERSHIP!!!!  Joe is looking into the warranty of the door or replacing the glass today.  Im a paranoid person and need this to be fixed, like, yesterday!

CHIME IN!!!  Do you run on vacation?  Did you get a new pair of shoes recently?  Any funny homeowner stories to share?


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  1. Your Brooks tennis shoes are amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the shoes! As Brooks is my favorite, I’m going to have to look for a pair!!


  3. Great job running on vacation!! I sometimes am really motivated and will keep up, and other times I just don’t care at all. I love those shoes and have been wanting them really badly. Brooks are my favorites and those are just adorable.


    1. whostardis says:

      thanks! i mean how can you turn down a rainbow pair of shoes 🙂


  4. BabetaRuns says:

    I am JEALOUS of your shoes! They don’t sell these rainbow ones here in Prague 😦 Boohoo!


    1. whostardis says:

      can you not get them online? i dont know about international shipping, but every girl who wants rainbow shoes should be able to get them dang it! 😉


      1. BabetaRuns says:

        Hihi!! Damn too right?! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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