Thinking Out Loud #6

Hello friends, how are you doing this morning?  Im ready for a good long nap, but alas…work.  I have a few random thoughts to share with you today, interested 🙂


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  1. Have you ever thought about a career change and your first thought is “Oh man I would be awesome at that” but then those horrible doubt monsters creep in and say “well really you arent qualified, you wont get hired, better not try.”  Yeah thats been going on this week.  Lucky for me I have this awesome poster in my office to remind of who I am 🙂

10922264_10102214534641996_1016082244_n2. Its time to start working on my lady thor and brunhilde costumes for the Avenger’s Gauntlet challenge.  I have a few ideas but if you are super creative and have a great idea let me know!  I want an epic costume.  Um PS-life goals…arms like Brunhilde, because seriously, them guns!

d82860d259f90285a2ce62878a190777 c2303ffb840d7e2b4843483400b605743. My awesome friend Caitlin gave me a super cute pumpkin decorating kit for my birthday and I finally sat down and did it.  Totally appropriate for me right!  I have only once carved an epic pumpkin and it took like 4 hours, ever since I just cant seem to get myself to carve a pumpkin.  I think I much prefer this method 🙂  Thanks Caitlin!!


4. On my way home yesterday I caught a glimpse of an awesome sunset.  Now that its getting darker earlier (not a fan) I see them on the way home from work.  Being stuck in traffic has its perks…photo op!!


5. Did you know a laptop can get so hot it can burn your legs?  Granted the laptop has to be on your legs and for quite a long time, but yeah its true!  Im sitting on the couches in our office right now nice and warm because my laptop is on my legs…then my mind wandered and I remembered the leg burning thing.  Told you today my thoughts were random lol.


6. Ive been seriously considering getting a running coach for speed improvement.  I had a follow up with my doctor this week and we have some goals…are you ready…the goal is to not get hurt anymore.  My injuries havent been horrible, but as she says, Im too young to be having all these issues.  Her goal is my goal, I dont want to get hurt anymore, but I also dont want to stop running.  Getting a pro’s help is probably a good idea.  Have you had a running coach before?  Tell me all about it please and thank you.


7. Im doing speed work at the gym today.  I found a treadmill speed plan that I think will push me more than I do on my own.  I could do it at home but Im pretty sure when I get home all I will want to do is stretch (my new routine, good right!) and watch some Heroes Reborn.  Who is watching Heroes?  I watched the original so had to watch the reboot.  So far its ok.


8. I just put a new smell in my wallflowers and I forgot how much I loved the smell.  For fall I love Bath and Body Worksleaves” smell.  Its perfect and a nice break from the pumpkin.  Dont get me wrong I love a good pumpkin smell but I want to keep loving it so I break it up with leaves which just makes me happy.  Do you have a signature smell?  Does that sound weird, oh well Im leaving it 😉


9.  What’s going on with you this week?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim says:

    The leaves is my all time favorite!


  2. I have got to get to B&BW soon to get some new wall flowers! I’ve been loving my woodwicks candles lately..they sound really cool and smell amazing as well! I can totally relate to #1 right me 😉

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    1. whostardis says:

      oh those woodwick ones are so cool, sound like a crackling fire!!


  3. That Cinderella pumpkin is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Love it! And love Leaves as well, but I think my favourite B&BW fall scent would probably be Marshmallow Fireside. It makes me want to scoop up the air and eat it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ive also noticed how hot my laptop gets on my lap so its pretty scary to think of it burning!

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