Words from the Road

Im on the road this week for work…and by Road I mean San Antonio.  Fun fact…the Emily Morgan Hotel is right across the street from the Alamo!  I have been to the Alamo before so thats not a huge deal for me but if you ever visit San Antonio, the Emily Morgan has a great location…oh and the 6th floor is haunted…no biggie right 😉


This weekend I had the best intentions to run!  No seriously!  It was raining all weekend, Im not even exaggerating the rain was non stop.  Granted it wasnt heavy rain but it was cold and enough to not run in.  I was going to run on the treadmill on Sunday, I got up early did my pre-running ritual, got on the treadmill…..and it doesnt work right 😦  Joe thinks the band needs to be re-greased.  Super sad face because I was actually looking forward to a little treadmill run on home!  Its ok though I had a good speed session on Thursday which I plan on repeating this week.

20151025_074506See!  I took this pre-run, I was ready!  Le sigh.

Another tale from home-ownership…remember the super cracked back door.  Well we finally got a replacement window!!!  Joe is super handy thank goodness and was able to replace the window.  What we ended up doing was buying a whole door from the ding/scratch section of Lowe’s (and getting a super deal because of that) and removing the window from that door and replacing it in our actual door.  The only draw back from this is the window pane color on the outside doenst match, but meh I dont think I care that much.  Oh and BONUS the blinds are inside the window so no more stupid rattling and getting all messed up.  I feel like a super adult now getting excited about blinds!


Back to San Antonio…I do plan on getting a few runs in this week but I am switching the days to Wednesday and Friday so that Friday and Saturday are back to back.  Avengers is in a few weeks so I really need to get back to back runs on the books so my body can be prepared for that stress.  I also seriously need to start my costume…ok sorry got off track.  When I visit hotel partners I bring baked goods because its way more personal than random branded swag.  Before I left Houston I found a San Antonio local bakery that makes cookies (they keep better than cupcakes) and decided to grab a few dozen.


I packaged them, but OMG arent they so cute!!!


The above cookies are pumpkin white chocolate, cowboy, and honey texan.  I liked the honey texan the best but the pumpkin was pretty solid too!


How cute are these sugar cookies!!!  I read a lot of mixed reviews about the cookies and were a little worried they were prettier than they tasted.  I tried one and they are actually really good.  Not the best I have ever had but oh man I have had worse.  The sugar cookie had a pretty solid flavor and werent so hard you break your teeth.  The price point wasnt bad either.  If you are in San Antonio check out Lily’s Cookies, cute little shop and you can see the cookie decorators working!  I love watching super talented people work…in a non-stalker sort of way.


Speaking of food…if you are a Man vs. Food fan you may remember Lulu’s Bakery from the San Antonio episode (hint, they have a 3 pound cinnamon roll).  I decided to stop by for lunch after I checked their yelp listing and saw this awesome looking chicken fried steak.  O…M…YUM, everyting on this plate was delicious.  Best chicken fried steak ever, perfectly fried onion rings, tasty melty delicious mac and cheese, homemade rolls that were so light fluffy and perfect I accidentally ate the whole thing.  I dont feel bad at all about eating this for lunch because breakfast was a sad lame oatmeal and dinner was a sad lame salad.  Ok I know thats not how calories work but shut up it makes me feel better.


Selfie with the Alamo that is closed for refurbishment!  I just realized how total random and rambling this post became #sorrynotsorry.  I have a lot of real job work to do which is distracting me from the fun parts of my life, dang job getting in the way!  Oh and I just saw  CHRISTMAS Best Buy commercial…stop it best buy, just stop it.

Question, do you like reading restaurant reviews?  Im going to a bunch of new places this week (havent been to San An in a while) so if its something thats of interest I will totally put some reviews together.

CHIME IN!!!  But seriously, do you want a restaurant review?  Did I hurt your head with this randomness?  Ever eaten a 3 pound cinnamon roll?


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