Thinking Out Loud #7

In sad running news…I had issues with the hotel treadmill and didnt feel safe running around downtown San Antonio so instead of running I did some more ab work and a little arms.  My stomach was so full of food I didnt do a super long workout, but a little is better than nothing right!  Also hense why I have a food baby…dont judge me!


I have some travel related thoughts to share with you today.  Ready?  Ok!  Linking up again, main site here.


  1. I had a meeting at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country and was blown away.  I didnt see the rooms but the grounds were beautiful.  They had an amazing pool area, lazy river, relaxing patio and impressive lobby.  I was there early because another appointment cancelled on me.  Needless to say I spent the hour outside enjoying the gorgeous weather and catching up on some work.


2. I went to Big Lou’s Pizza, a place featured on Man vs. Food.  It has GIGANTIC pizza.  I of course didnt get a gigantic pizza but had to try it out.  It was standard take-out pizza fare.  Better than average and definitely tasty but I was disappointed that they didnt have any specialty pizzas.  I like when a local pizza place has the make your own option mixed with some specialties they have cooked up themselves.  Oh well, le sigh.  I didnt love the ambiance of the place and honestly wont go back.  I think Im going to do a post on San Antonio food later on with more deets.


3. Im staying at a pretty nice hotel in San Antonio and the gym is the size of a closet.  Hilton…you have done me wrong on gyms for the last time.  Small rooms, small gyms, no self parking, poor restaurant service = not a happy guest.


4. I found this really interesting restaurant called Bliss close by the hotel.  They had a quite patio (which is where I was seated), solid wine selection, and creative menu.  I ordered the duck which was DELICIOUS and the key lime pie.  All Im going to say about that right now is Meringue…for…days!!!




5. Anyone else watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend?  Im pretty sure its going to be cancelled but right now Im enjoying it.  Its a musical comedy that I find hilarious.  Joe hates it…of course…but its about a crazy woman who sings wildly inappropriate songs about whats going on.  Its the mindless kind of TV I enjoy 🙂


6.  I think next week we are going to try going artificial sugar free.  I dont know how hard/easy its going to be.  Im a little apprehensive about it actually.  Have you tried going sugar free before?  We met a couple at Disney that had great success, and a few other bloggers I follow have done it also.  I love dessert though, so maybe its a good thing I do this.  Any suggestions on substitutions so I dont lose my mind?  Any tips?

sugar free meme

7.  I have 5 miles for Friday and 12 miles for Saturday on tap this weekend.  I think my head is in a bad space because I just REALLY dont want to do it.  Luckily I got an email from my running club with a “we miss you message”.  Silly how such a simple little message can refocus you.  I still dont really want to run, but knowing my group will be there and doing the mileage I need to as well makes it that much easier.  Plus its a 6:30 start time now so I dont have to get up so early!  Yay for getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep.


8.  In case you missed my tieks review (link here)…another reason I love these shoes is they dont give you pinkie toe blisters.  I wore one of my ballet flats Tuesday and got a nasty blister on my pinkie toe.  I didnt even walk a lot that day.  Oh tieks, if you werent so expensive I would have ordered every pair by now.  Saving my pennies and waiting for christmas instead 🙂

tieks color wheel

9.  Its been fun San Antonio but Im ready to go back home now, K Thanks 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  Have you been to San Antonio?  Do you like duck?  Are you running this weekend?


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  1. I don’t know that I could ever go 100% sugar-free, but I definitely try to limit my processed sugars and stick to fruits and dried fruits instead. If you still eat those, then weaning yourself from the artificial stuff is a lot easier! That and dark chocolate — lifesaver.

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  2. I went to San Antonio a few years ago and really liked it! I think it was this time of year too. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

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