Its the Little Things!

You guys…I had no idea what I wanted to write about today.  I havent been in the mood to post and didnt want to write something just to have a post (hence why there was no post friday).  I have been thinking about what to say today then a christmas miracle happened…ok thats an exaggeration but whatever.  I got my photopass photos FOR FREE when I renewed my annual pass this weekend!!!!!!!


Let me back track…how far to back track…ok got it.  When you visit Disney World/land there are photgraphers all over the park to take your picture.  Some of these photographers have “magic shots” and some are just there to capture your family together.  Most of these photographers are really friendly and take pretty decent photos.  I love stopping at all the locations around the castle (which Joe hates) and as many other locations as I can get Joe to stop at.

PhotoPass_Visiting_Epcot_7489621617(example of a magic shot, we didnt know Sven would be a photobomber!)

For our honeymoon we bought the now Memory Maker and it was the best decision, having all those photos of our honeymoon taken by a professional.  It can be pricy though so we havent dont it since (except for when we were at Disney for Christmas day, because obviously).  Photopass photos are accessible online and you used to be able to get those photos (albeit not super legally) but Disney just recently put a watermark on the photos and the preview is so small you cant really see the photos very well.  No more screenshots/captures for us poor people.


I assume this is because now the annual pass includes all your photos!  Some people are super pissed about this but I love it.  The memory maker is $200 if not bought in advance so thats a huge added value for me.  Why would I not have a “professional” photographer take my picture rather than try and take a selfie!  My old annual pass didnt have this feature so I wasnt sure if my photos from the last trip would get the free status once I renewed my pass.  I logged into my account today, low and behold…no more watermark…dowload button now available…happiness friends…simple pure happiness.

PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_Park_7488656345(editing is also free, the border and signature are something I added)

So annual pass holders that are hating on the price increase…I absolutely see the added value with the photopass photos and am actually pretty happy about it.  I cant wait to find all the magic shots ever!!!  Below is another example of a magic shot.  Sometimes they tell you what it is other times you get surprised.  I thought I was holding chip but Lumiere is a much more fun surprise 🙂


They are constantly adding new shots as well, when the photopass first started this it was just tinkerbell, now I dont even know them all there are so many!!  Halloween you can get hitchhiking ghosts which is pretty epic!  So there are some seasonal ones, some year round.  Just ask your photographer if they have a magic shot!  The Sven one in Norway and the guys was adamant that he did not have a magic shot, but surprise, he did!


Another new to me one is pascal.  Seriously, I love magic shots!!  I cannot wait for girls trip in December and photopass it up!!!

CHIME IN!!!  Do you get excited about photos?  What made your day today?  How was your weekend?


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