Running Lately

Training recap so far this week!

Friday I was set to do 5 miles, but it was rainy so I set out to run on the treadmill.  Around mile 3 I was getting way too bored so I decided to do some speed work for a mile then cool down.  I ended up doing 4.25 miles but with speed work I was happy with that.  I ran on Friday because I was supposed to run Saturday…………..

saturday weather

If any of you live in the Houston area you know we had some rain this weekend…and by some I mean torrential downpour Saturday morning…when I wanted to do 14 miles.  So obviously that didnt go as planned.  I changed my run to Sunday and with daylight savings happening I got an extra hour of sleep, score!  Sunday morning it was still raining, drizzling really but enough that I was wet the whole run.  The run started out well enough, I mean aside from the rain I felt good, it wasnt too hot outside, I was keeping pace with my group…all was well.   Then around mile 8 it took a turn.  I have no idea what happened but my right foot started really hurting…like it did when I had a stress fracture hurting.  Ok not good.  I tried to ignore it and the pain actually went away around mile 8.5…then the knees and left hip started screaming at me.  This, as it turned out, would not go away.  Thats when I decided to drop down from 14 to 11 (turned out to be 11.5).  Ugh!  Training has not been going my way!  On the plus side my pace was pretty steady at 11:15min/mile almost the whole 11 miles.  That was encouraging all things considered.  I dont know exactly how good my time was because my watch died at mile 9.2 😦  In hins sight I think the trails (paved) with some tight turns, uneven surfaces, ups and downs took a toll on my knee.  My hip pain was the same as the Plano half but I thought that was because of all the hills.  I have upped my stretching routine to try and combat this issue for my next half.  Hopefully all the stretching and foam rolling will pay off because I need to be able to walk around Disneyland after the race!  Anyone have any hips stretch secrets to share?  I have a few that i do but this pain is in a weird spot so its difficult to stretch it out (think hip bone, like the rounded edge that sticks out).

wet rainy run Totally exhausted from a soggy 11.5 miles

As per usual my Hokas were annoying my feet even with the gauze I had put on the sides of my feet.  I knew my feet would be a little irritated but I was not happy at all to find this nasty gem on my right foot.  There was a twin on my left foot just not as big.  And PS-it got even bigger as the day progressed (I put a blister bandaide on it and its better today).  Sorry for the nasty dried out feet.  i did a little research and found that a dry foot can actually promote blisters.  Ill be lotioning up my feet from now on!

blister gross

Monday I did some core work which turned out to be more difficult than expected because my hip and knee were still bothering me.  I did the whole class though, yay for continuted core work.  And I need it!

This morning was a maintain run.  I wore my new Brooks and felt pretty good, my watch’s GPS was a little off but overall was doing well.  Then that foot pain came back in my right foot.  Oh HELL no!  I am not getting a stress fracture again, aint NO WAY!  I walked on and off the rest of the way home cutting my run a little short to limit the possible damage.  My foot feels fine now so I dont think its injured but I will be keeping an eye on it the next few runs and possibly cutting some runs out if need be.


My clothes motivate me…today I was channeling my inner Warrior!  Although reading all my other blogging friends it seems like it has been a tough training season for a lot of folks.  I personally feel this summer did a number on a lot of us.  It was hot, muggy, and overall just no fun.  Summer also seems to be sticking around far too long, at least in Houston.  I want my cold temps back STAT!  I can already feel the cooler weather improving my runs though and that helps keep me motivated.

CHIME IN!!!  How is your training going this season?  Do you have hip issues too?  How has your running been going?


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  1. I also channel my inner warrior! There’s a few good warrior songs like Heart of a Warrior and that always gets me going! 😀

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