WIWW #15

You guys…it happened today…I burnt myself in the name of beauty!  Apparently I went completely mental this morning and forgot how to use a curling iron (ok even on my best day Im pretty terrible, but today was the worst) and I rolled the curling iron right up onto my neck.  Yeah so that happened.  Now I have a nice mark on my neck…………..I feel stupid.  This is a common thing right, Im not alone in accidental bodily harm right?!?!curling iron fail

I just took that picture, a good 2 hours after the incident.  I iced it for like 20 minutes too…although I dont know if your supposed to ice a burn.  Ok enough tragedy todays outfit!  I found this dress on ModCloth and fell in love.  Its totally Dia De Los Muertos-esk.  I dont observe that tradition but I am fascinated by the art and culture of the whole thing.  Hello Book of Life Im looking at you.  Anyway, Dia De Los Muertos was November 1st so Im a little behind but whatever.

dia de los muertos

Dress: ModCloth

Shoes: Amazon

Earrings: Kendra Scott (similar)

CHIME IN!!!  How is your week going?  Please tell me Im not the only one to burn myself!!!


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  1. krasivoblog says:

    Omg! But you are not the only one;) hope it goes away soon. Love the dress)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cute Modcloth dress! I haven’t burned myself with a curling iron (probably because I don’t curl my hair), but I’ve certainly burned myself while cooking – a few times pretty badly on the hands!


    1. whostardis says:

      oh i definitely have some cooking scars for sure, thats a sign of a good cook 🙂


  3. Oh gosh you’re definitely not the only one to have done that! I hope it gets better soon. I saw that dress on ModCloth and I love it! I ended up using an old Sugar Skull dress for an outfit post, but the whole time I was wishing I had this one! You look stunning! 💗


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