Workouts Recap

I think Im going to try a new thing that some other bloggers do on a weekly workout recap.  It might take a time or two for me to find my groove so dont throw me off the bridge ok?!

Im going to rewind to last Wednesday that seems like a good weird time to cover.  Im weird so thats perfect 🙂

Wednesday: 30 minute core class at lunch 20 minutes foam rolling, back stretches, hammie stretches.

Thursday: rest (I dont know why I didnt run, I am totally going to keep a journal now though).  20 minutes foam rolling, back stretches, hammie stretches with 30 second plank.

Friday:  20 minutes foam rolling, back stretches, hammie stretches

Saturday: 90 minute massage focusing on legs and lower back.

Sunday:  truth time…I was going to run 6 miles but seriously I was so tired and my  back was hurting I just slept and caught up on some rest.

Monday:  30 minute core class at lunch 20 minutes foam rolling, back stretches, hammie stretches

Tuesday: 33 minute run @ 11min/mile pace.  Felt pretty good, it was cool outside, the puppies were behaving.  All was well.  Reminded me why I love cold weather running.

I have been doing mostly core/back work for the last month and will continue to do so for probably a few more months.  This is an area I really struggle with and my doctor recommended I work on it.  Also when I met with a potential running coach he said its probably not best to do strength training that makes the legs sore.  Im about to really hunker down and focus on increasing my speed so core/back is a great strength workout for me.  The instructor throws some arm work in there too so its actually pretty well rounded.

Ive been religiously using my foam roller and doing hammie/IT band stretches to prep for this weekend.  I even bought a travel size foam roller to bring with me.  My left hip flexor has been acting up so Im doing everything I can to work that out before Saturday.  I have a plan, lets see how it goes!  Although this gif is exactly how I feel before rolling out the IT band…for real though.

CHIME IN!!!  Do you keep a real record of your weekly workouts?  Do you have the core of an amazon or jelly like me?  Whats your strength?

6 thoughts on “Workouts Recap

  1. lol at the emperor! I have a kid so I’m familiar with that one and love it haha! Im terrible at recaps. I barely get my running journal written up! But by putting up a blog recap it helps you stay accountable I think. My core is -eh- in between?! I LOATHE core worn lol I think running speed work should suffice. 😉

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  2. haha nice throwback with the emperor new groove reference. i used to love that movie!!
    I’m pretty good with being accountable on the workouts and getting my runs in but i HATE core and any strength workout. My arms are noodles. everyones got there weakness, right? lol


  3. I keep a workout journal for myself but haven’t reported it on my blog. Was actually just thinking of starting to do that earlier this week.. At the moment still struggling with knee injury though so it would just involve boring gym sessions 😀
    I don’t think such human being could possibly exist who would like to foam roll their ITBs.

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