WIWW #16

Im feeling super fancy today.  Why you ask?  Im wearing my fancy boots from Alaska today!!!  Technically they are from Russia imported to Alaska so its really even fancier 🙂  Before I show you the whole outfit here are the boots from the front…

front boot

and from the side…though a little blurry sorry.side boot

When we were on our cruise our first port was in Skagway.  We went panning for gold and after had plenty of time to explore the little town.


So cute right!  We are walking around the super touristy shops and then we see this store with the most colorful purses in the side window.  When we walk up to the door I see the most fabulous boots ever.  I just wanted to try them on…but ended up loving them so much I bought them.  It was a really tiny store where what you see on the wall, thats the sizes they have and thats it.  I really lucked out that they had my size.  Originally I thought I would need an 8 (and they only had one plain brown/white style) but was actually sized down to a 7.5 (a little snug but they are already loosening up) and got the design I loved from the window.  Perfect example of a souvenir that doesnt scream tourist all over it.  I love these kinds of purchases, reminds me of the fabulous time we had on the cruise and the adorable town of Skagway.

As you can imagine not everything goes with these boots, but this sweater worked perfectly!


Sweater:  ModCloth

Jeans: Express

Boots:  The Loom Alaska

CHIME IN!!!  Do you have a fabulous pair of boots?  How do you commemorate a special travel destination?


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