Thinking Out Loud #9

Im linking up again with Amanda.  Check out the linkup here


  1.  Apparently the red starbucks cup is a national controversy?!  What!  Its a cup people.  I think the design is lame but I am not personally offended by the design.  That would be like boycotting Marc Jacobs because they offer a green handbag.  Just as equally ridiculous.  People are crazy!


2. Its been a while since my spit tried to kill me, but yesterday was apparently the day.  I hate choking at work, its silly but its embarrassing.  Now I have a super sore throat.  Thank goodness for Teavana green tea 🙂

3. Im working from home today in my beautiful office and it makes me happy.  At the D23 Expo this year I bought a few new pieces of art and the Sleeping Beauty book (from the movie, it holds notecards not the REAL thing).  Now I have even more pretty things to look at and keep me happy.  Everyone needs a happy space!

happy place

4. Im going to Disneyland today!!!  I dont know why but Im not as excited about it as I should be.  Maybe because I wont be actually at Disneyland until tomorrow (late flight today).  It will hit me later Im sure


5. Shout out to FitBit customer service for a second.  My FitBit Surge stopped holding a charge for more than a day so I did the online chat help.  My watch was still under warranty so they sent me a new one!!!  It arrived in my hot little hand 4 days later!  I love online chat, I dont have to stop what Im doing to make a phone call or wait forever for an email response.  Plus this online chat agent was very helpful and super quick.  I think the whole thing took 10 minutes.  A+ FitBit support!

oreoI dont have a picture for that, so heres a puppy picture instead

6. Does anyone else host Thanksgiving at their house?  Is it weird I already have my grocery list and have started buying things to cook for Thanksgiving?  If I bought it all at once it would probably cost a lot, breaking it down makes it more manageable and I dont have a giant cart full of groceries.  Im waiting for the free turkey offer to come back.  Kroger had one but you had to buy a ham and the turkey was only up to 15 pounds.  Last year Randalls had a free turkey with $50 purchase up to 25 pounds!  We get a 18 pounder each year and spend $50 minimum anyway so this was the better deal.  Shout out if you have seen any of these kinds of deals!!!

thanksgiving meme

7. I signed up for a virtual turkey trot for Thanksgiving Day!  Im doing the 5k instead of the 10k to save my legs for the long run that weekend.  The medal is pretty awesome, it SPINS!!!  Plus how cute they sent me a bib 🙂  There are 2 turkey trots in my area but with me cooking I thought a virtual race would be better just so I dont stress.

turkey trot 2015 8. Im meeting my potential running coach today, wish me luck!  I talked to her on the phone and she seems really nice.  Ill have to see what her training ideas are and if we will mesh.  I hope so, Im ready to become a speed demon like some other bloggers I follow!

running coach meme

9. What are you doing today?


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  1. Haha that last image cracked me up!! Enjoy Disneyland 😀


  2. I totally don’t understand the Starbucks controversy either, and I’m Christian. People are nuts. And have the best time at Disney!! It’s one of my favourite places ever, and I -NEED- to visit it around the holidays one year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. whostardis says:

      this is my first time to disneyland at the holidays, I plan to have my camera out at all times 🙂


  3. Honestly, I’m so over people taking tiny, petty things and blowing them up into huge, national stories. Its a vessel to drink limited edition coffees. Chill, man.


    1. whostardis says:

      Seriously, maybe they need to lay off the coffee lol


  4. Brittany says:

    Virtual race!? Where do I find one of those!


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