Pumpkin Juice (Foodie Friday #13)

Today I am spending the day with my friend Laura at DISNEYLAND and the runDisney expo!!!  Tomorrow I am running the Captain America 10k and Sunday is the Avengers Superhero Half Marathon!!!!  I may be slightly crazy but hey I get some pretty awesome hardware (4 medals, WHAT!!!).

DSC_0060Im pretty sure the castle is decked out for Christmas now…this is from August

Ill be back next week with recaps of each race and possibly the expo (it doesnt open until noon today so I dont know what it will be like yet).  Until then, how about another Harry Potter recipe!!

_DSC1883Pumpkin Juice from my Butterbeer cup cause Im awesome like that 🙂

Im featuring the Pumpkin Juice that we made that I thought was delicious.  Since its almost Thanksgiving this would also be a great holiday spice drink to serve if you are feeling fancy!

_DSC1818 (1)

Pumpkin Juice

Servings: ~1 gallon     Prep Time: 5min      Cook Time: 30 min       Cool Time: 1-2hrs


  • 3gallon apple cider (the kind in the refrigerator/fresh section)
  • 2 c pumpkin puree
  • 4 cans apricot nectar
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 2 tsp cloves
  • 1 tbsp ground ginger
  • 2 tbsp orange peel (dried or fresh)


  1. Bring all ingredients to a high simmer, just before it boils, stirring slowly with a wire whisk.
  2. Strain through wire strainer, stirring with a spoon from the bottom to get all the thick parts through. Keep in fridge until cold and serve cold. Or can be served warm, up to you!
  3. If you are short on time you can skip straining you will just have a very thick juice that needs to be stirred.


  • Apparently I forgot this silly rule but DO NOT pour the piping hot liquid into anything until it has cooled down.  You will break something, you might cry a little, it will not be fun.  Spare yourself some misery and let this cool.
  • The picture above is from a doubled recipe after some loss (see note above).  There was plenty leftover so depending on your crowd (we had about 30 people) you might want to stick with the original quantities.
  • If you dont strain it the flavor can get a little too overpowering if left for more than a few days.  If you are fine with that then you can store it for about a month in the fridge.
  • Pumpkin juice tastes wonderful with Apple Pie Vodka added.  Trust me.  Plus, who could pass up a normal size bottle of vodka for $3.  Thank you Specs!!

CHIME IN!!!  Do you like making specialty drinks?  Are you a fan of “spice” drinks?  Doing anything fun this weekend?

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