My Running Gear

Since I just finished my Gauntlet Challenge Sunday (post coming soon!!!) I figured I would finally write about what I wear for long runs/ race days vs. shorter runs.  Slight disclaimer though, I dont wear this stuff for Disney runs.  I wear costumes and dont bring water because Disney races have plenty of water stops.  Love races with plenty of hydration.

Starting with my short run:


For longer runs the base is the same with some additions


Looks like something is missing though…something kinda important and I dont mean shoes…oh yeah SOCKS!  I forgot to put my socks in the two pictures so they get their own section!


Long runs get double socks, shorter runs get the C9 socks alone.  Link here for the blue socks link here for the purple.

The reason I did not include my shoes is because my shoes do change and thats also person specific.  My long runs I have been using Hokas but maybe you love Brooks.  I did a review here on my Hokas, still working on getting a feel for the Brooks before I review those.

While the shoes I have used have changed my gear has been pretty consistent.  I upgraded to the Fuel Belt recently only because i wanted more water than what my previous one had.  I upgraded to the Thorlo socks when the Hokas attacked the sides of my feet (spolier alert, they didnt help).  Other than that, I like to stick with what I know.

CHIME IN!!!  Are you picky about your running gear?  Did you run this weekend?  How are you today? *If you are interested in a VS Sport bra review shout it out!

9 thoughts on “My Running Gear

  1. I love Thorlo socks and wear them during my long runs too! And I agree, long runs definitely need more attention and gear then short runs. I may start trying the visor for long runs. I get headaches if I’m running into the sun and can’t run with sunnies!


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