Thinking Out Loud #10

Did Thanksgiving sneak up on anyone else?  I just realized yesterday its next week!  What?!  When did that happen?  I guess I got wrapped up in my race I didnt realize how close we were to Thanksgiving.  Luckily Im a planner and have all my lists ready and know whats up, but still!  I thought I had more time!!!  Sorry, overly dramatic…lets think out loud shall we 🙂


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  1. I took this week off from running to let my body recover from the weekend and Im not sad about it at all.  Next week will be back at it since I have races in January and February.

New Years Eve Double

2. I signed on with Finish Strong Coaching.  Im excited to have a certified running coach help me get faster and reduce my injuries.  I know quite a bit about running, but being around bloggers and hearing what the running coach had to say in our quick meeting made me realize there is so much I dont know!

3.  Im starting to make my list for Black Friday Shopping.  I like going out and getting great deals, but I do wait until Friday morning to do it.  Time with my family is more important on Thursday.  I do a lot of online shopping Thursday morning since a lot of the deals are online, but places like Home Depot dont usually do that so I still have to go to the actual store.  Do you shop on Black Friday?


4.  I stopped using my FitBit Surge for daily wear.  Honestly, its 2 reasons.  1 being I have the daily step goal but I dont care if it hit it or not, so having it on my wrist reminding me doesnt do anything.  Two, its bulky and I miss wearing my pretty ceramic watch that Joe got me a few years back.  I love watches and that was the biggest reason I didnt want to get the surge in the first place.  I still wear it to workout and run but as a daily use I think its going on the back burner.  I saw the Jawbone Up3 and think this might be a better option.

Jawbone UP3

5.  I got an idea from Bakingdom (she posts the cutest pictures on instagram) to get a Harry Potter book from each country I have visited.  I am hoping to get HP #1 from The Netherlands and #2 from Italy.  When I go to London Ill get #3 and Paris in September will be #4.  All will be in the native language of the country.  Its such a cool idea because each country has different art work on the book and will help to learn the language.  I mean…I know those books pretty well 🙂

Harry Potter Italian

6.  Do you ever just have so many things on your mind all of them suddenly leave your mind?  That happens to me more than I would like to admit.  Just now, I had a lot of thoughts running through my head then POOF!  All gone.

I got nothing

7.  Only 21 more days until girls trip to Disney World!!  I am so excited because I get to see the Osborne Lights one last time.  Apparently there is a TARDIS hidden somewhere (thanks Andy).  I cant wait to spend each night watching these lights.  If you have never seen the show before and can make a special trip to Walt Disney World before January 6th, do it!  You can thank me later.

osborne lights

8.  What is going on with you today?




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