Foodie Friday Trader Sam’s Review!!!

While I was at Disneyland I made sure to visit the original Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar.  This bar is named for the head hunter at the end of the Jungle Cruise and is a Disneyland favorite.  Its a very cool bar with themed tiki drinks,  crazy decor, solid souvenir cups and great bartenders.  The picture below is from when we went to Trader Sam’s at Disney World but this drink is available at both locations, the Krakatoa Punch.

trader sams grog grotto

Before I went to Disneyland Disney Parks Blog posted the holiday drink menu!  I snapped a picture of the drinks and their ingredients to reference back to just in case.  Little did I know this was a great idea.  I decided to wait to go to Trader Sam’s until after the half marathon simply because I didnt want any alcohol anywhere near my system until all my racing was done.  No one needs gastric issues when they could be avoided.  Sunday afternoon while my friend was on a tour I decided to stop over (its not in the parks but at Disneyland Hotel) and have a drink and a snack.

Ambiance:  This location inside is actually smaller than the Walt Disney World location.  I didnt love the layout of the bar (its a U shape) because where I was sitting there was a very large pole infront of me.  The patrons of the bar didnt order many of the fun bartender interactive drinks so I only got to see the Krakatoa Punch skit (they sound an alarm, ring a bell and the picture of the volcano erupts).  It was very dark, but the chairs were comfortable.  Wish there were purse hooks though.


Service:  The bartender I had, Bernando was very friendly and brought me great drinks.  While it wasnt the quickest service ever the bar was full and service was on par with the number of guests he was serving.  I did give him a bigger than I should have tip because he went out of his way to make my drink…more on why below 🙂

Eats/Drinks:  Like I mentioned I wanted to order from the holiday menu.  Grabbing the menu on the bar I didnt see them listed.  Here is where the picture came in handy.  I picked the holiday drink I wanted to try and ordered with Bernando.  He told me the drink didnt come out until TOMORROW and he couldnt make it because he didnt know how yet!  WHAT!!!  Ok, I picked something else from the menu…the Dark and Stormy Shipwreck on the Rocks (comes in a cute barrel glass).  They were out of the glass.  WHAT!!!  Ok 0 for 2 here Bernando…but WAIT!  He said he went in the back and found the recipe and would make the seasonal drink for me if I still wanted it.  YES!!!  I ended up ordering the Tropical Snowstorm (Honey-flavored whiskey, coconut rum and flavors of coconut, cream, ginger, cloves and almond, topped with a cinnamon and nutmeg dusting) and loved it so much I ordered 2!  They werent so strong to knock me on my ass but strong enough I was enjoying myself well enough.  I was also hungry and decided to try the Kona Pulled Pork Flatbread.  The actual flatbread crust was a little soggy but all the flavors were delicious.  The pork and barbecue sauce were perfectly prepared, the red onion wasnt too overpowering and the flatbread and a nice taste to compliment all the flavors.


Overall:  I think Disney World takes the ambiance on this one since it is bigger and more to see.  My bartender was fantastic here so service wins out at Disneyland by a smidge.  I loved my drink and the food was delicious.  I will definitely be back the next time Im at Disneyland!  This bar is 21 and up after 8pm so its a great place to escape the ankle bitters, but when I was there I didnt see any kids anyway.


CHIME IN!!!  Have you been to either Trader Sam’s locations before?  Do you like tiki drinks?  What are you doing this weekend?


8 thoughts on “Foodie Friday Trader Sam’s Review!!!

  1. When you say you ordered a Dark and Stormy on the rocks, do you mean Shipwreck on the Rocks? I ask because the drink is completely different than a Dark and Stormy (I assume you were mixing up drinks from Grog Grotto.)

    While the effects are definitely better at Grog Grotto (they’ve definitely fine tuned and upgraded them since the opening of 2011’s Trader Sam’s), I’d say ambience is about equal on both coasts for different reason. Things are much more cozy and intimate at Sam’s with an emphasis on the bar, while Grog Grotto is spread out and makes a portion of the room your very own – that is, before you’re potentially asked to move your seat once or twice throughout your stay. Approximately 17 bar seats at Sam’s while 6-8 at Grog Grotto. Regardless of formation and layout, there’s definitely plenty of eye candy to keep you busy.

    What is key to Trader Sam’s in my opinion is the bar service, which is something that doesn’t exist yet, if it will ever, at Grog Grotto. You mentioned a great example, if only the simplest form of great bar service, at Sam’s. The Skippers go out of their way to cater to your experience. Many of them really do live the tiki lifestyle and study and research craft cocktails, often offering you something off their “standard” off-menu drink list or something they’ve created themselves. You can continuously visit and never run out of new things to try.


    1. yes Shipwreck on the Rocks! So many drink names its hard to remember them all. Ive only been once to each so dont have as much experience with them as you do, you must really enjoy Trader Sams!


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